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Lia-Mara Bösch

Lia-Mara Bösch

Name :Lia-Mara Bösch
Nationality :Swiss
Date of Birth :03/09/1994
Weight :58 kg
Height :161 cm
Home resort :Mythenpark
SPEAK :German, Swiss German French, English

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What do you think about when you ride?
- Maybe about snowboardin… ;)
What riding does it mean for you?
- pure energy of life
Have you got ritual practices before a competition or a freeride session?
- I focus on the challenging things in my contest run.
What are you doing when you’re not on your snowboard?
- I absolve Off-Snow Trainings (skateboarding, trampoline, weight room,..
- I work on my education
- I spend my time with my family and my boyfriend
What is your advice for the new generation of snowboard riders?
- Give always your best, not only in snowboarding.
What is your slogan?
- Never give up!
 Other Sponsors
- Huwiler Muri Sport, Northwwave, Drake, Smith Optics, Level
Riding Since
- 2008
With Rossi since
- 2012

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