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Name :Nick RUSSELL
Nickname :Russell Crowe
Nationality :American
Date of Birth :Picies, 88
Home resort :Wasatch Mountain, UT



            Name: Nick Russell

            Nickname: Russell Crowe

            Nationality: gringo

            DOB: Picies, 88

            Home Resort: Wasatch Mountains, Utah

            Riding/Skiing Since: 13 years or so

            On Rossignol since: 3rd year's a charm

            Other Sponsors: Dragon, Gnarly, AV7, Commotion

            “The Set-up”: Angus57, and Experience59 for the steep

            For snowboarders-stance/angle: inward duck



The 5’s:




            5 favorite artists I’ve have been listening to lately:


Graham Nash

Ray Barbee






            5 favorite places to ride:


Bromley, Brighton, Pow Mow, Pcity,


            5 things I wouldn’t travel without:


patience, tunes, dragon shades, digi cam, good vibes




            5 indulgences:

stretching, powder, tea, mangos, avocados




            5 goals for upcoming season:

Stay healthy, film a part, ride some halfpipe, pow, POW!



            5 words to end this:

Peace be the journey, moon

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