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arriving in ushuaia.... nice peaks arounds, quite inspiring. Photo:
Nov 09, 2009

TRIP/ Xavier is back to Antarctica

Riders in this news :  Xavier DE LE RUE

As you might remember we tried last year to reach and hopefully ride the wonderful untouched steeps of the Antarctica Peninsula... Unfortunately, we got on the boat in Ushuaia but stayed three days ashore for mechanical reasons until we got told that the boat could not be repaired....
We are back, and not for the least!
Jeremy Jones and myself along with the relentless film crew are ready for new up coming adventures! Two movies, mainly Lives of the Artists 2, but some of the action will end up in DEEPER as well, Jeremy’s project. We are about to board the clipper adventure for a 40 hours boat ride across the scary "Drake Passage", supposed to be the worst crossing on the planet.... After that we'll have 7 days of actual riding...
We got split boards, all the hard gear we could ever need, we are fired up... All we can hope for are friendly weather and snow conditions. Let's see if mother Antarctica is willing to let us glide on the last continent...
Fingers crossed!
Follow our ship position "live" with the following link.
Unselect all ships beside CPA on the upper right hand window and you’ll see where we are at.

Xavier De Le Rue

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Nov 10, 2009

PRESS: Two more covers for Elias

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Elias Elhardt has 2 covers this month: Snowsurf in France and Pleasure mag in Germany.
There's a 6 pages article in the last one and so you will know more about this guy.
Nice pictures, great text, no doubt, you need these snowboard magazines.

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Nov 02, 2009

VIDEO: Elias on fire

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Elias Elhardt is the new comer of this season for sure.
After his great ride in Zurich for the, Elias came at freestyle.Berlin with a huge motivation. The Saturday evening, he won the crossover session with a massive bs 1080 double cork.
Congrats Elias for this nice result.


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Oct 05, 2009

FACEBOOK: RoosterTv page is online

Rooster Tv Facebook page is now open.
Be fan and you'll receive each webisode in your Facebook profile.


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Oct 05, 2009

VIDEO: Rooster Tv Season2, New trailer

Riders in this news :   ;   ;   ;   ;   ;   ;   ; Xavier DE LE RUE

We know it’s not half as good as enjoying a powder run, landing a new trick.But we did our best to provide you a sweet web TV program.
Rooster TV Season 2 is a whole new season where you can check exclusive footage of our best riders.
This is the place where you can have every two weeks your fix of steep lines, backstage footage and sick tricks in the backcountry from our best snowboarders
and freeskiers with the like of Kevin Rolland, Xavier Delerue, Kye Petersen, Xavier Bertoni, Lyndsey Dyer, Elias Elhardt and more…
All along the season we invite you to come see what ROOSTER TV has to offer. Get your popcorn, grab a drink, seat comfortably and enjoy the music
and high quality format of our webisodes. You might even end up finding ideas for new tricks or trip destination and the easiest way to get more
love from your friends is to forward them this news.
Rooster tv starting october 14th, new teaser available now, enjoy!

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