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Jean Mi Gouadain

Jean Mi Gouadain

Name :Jean Mi Gouadain
Nickname :Jean Mi
Nationality :French
Home resort :Gourette, Pyrénées,
SPEAK :French, English and Spanish



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What do you think about when you ski?
- Snow conditions, great lines and ride fast!
What skiing does it mean for you?
It's all my life and with, I traveled around the freeski's spots and meet great persons!
Have you got ritual practices before a competition or a freeride session?
- I need a good warm up and a good feeling for great skiing!
What are you doing when you’re not on your ski? 
- Mountain hiking and mountain biking for training and fun!
What is your advice for the new generation of freeski riders?
- Technical progress in alpine skiing, freeestyle and stay small in front of the mountain.
What is your slogan?
- There is not a bad snow...
Other Sponsors
- Julbo
- Gourette
Riding Since
- I was young... 2 years old!
With Rossi since
- 2000!


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