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Feb 01, 2010


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Rossignol riders put on an amazing show last night; Kevin Rolland wins the X-Games 14 Superpipe in Aspen (Colorado) while Xavier Bertoni takes third...

What an outstanding performance for both French riders from the Rossignol Team. Kevin took control of the event by doing 3 double rotations, swiping 95 points, making it impossible for other riders to surpass his performance.

Xavier, takes third place in the finals, with a solid run.

What a night for Kevin and Xavier as the two best friends took the podium together. The friendship between these two riders gave each one the drive and confidence to succeed in last nights competition
Congratulations guys and thanks to Greg for the coaching. It was imperative that the riders were strong both mentally and physically to succeed in such a competition.

Well done and see you soon for new adventures.

Take a look at the 95 point run that put Kevin in first place:

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Jan 31, 2010


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Pipe didn't still change, it's big, very big as much as the runs of skiers...

Trainings are done and they permit to give some reliance to everybody. In spite of an aesthetic pipe, the adaptation is long.
Kevin and Xavier are over-motivated and they have success with their double rotations: the level is high!

It's the weekend here, so people from the valley of Aspen makes the trip. The edges of the half pipe are crowded. Riders are ready to roll.

Kevin begins by making a technical and complete run: Double Mac Twist, Switch 900, Unatural Mac Twist, 1260, Alley Oop Cork, 720. He's classified 3rd of the qualifications. A very beautiful place for the finals.

Concerning Xavier, after his first run failed because of a bad landing, he moves on second run (there are two runs of qualification and the best one is kept). So Xavier can't do mistakes, a mental effort and an intense stress for the Rossignol staff and his coach Greg Guenet. With an exploding run and without risk-taking he's just classified behind Kevin.

2 good places for the finals which promises to be very interesting.

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Jan 30, 2010


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Here is the fourth episode of with both buddies Xavier and Kévin and their friends directly from Aspen (Colorado).
One year is already spent since Xavier's victory and the volition to repeat this exploit is very present as well as for Kévin who would want to be this year on the podium.

On the menu, Kévin fall's, the runs of trainings of Xavier and the other riders as Mike Riddle or Simon Dumont and some fun as usual.
Let's meet soon for, we hope, a great news on the results of Team Rossignol in X-Games 14.

Have fun...

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Rosalind Groenewoud - Crédit Photo : Louis Garnier
Jan 30, 2010


Rosalind Groenewoud, after weeks of trainings, the D-day finally arrived with X Games 14 in Aspen (Colorado)... 

With a very original run and with a breathtaking amplitude, she will be classified 3rd of the qualifications. This place puts Rozy in a reliable situation.

Yesterday it was the Women finals, no doubt, Rozy is ready and feels good the race. After warm-ups and support by her coach, she moves on her 3 runs with ease, originality and turns in both senses of rotation! 

There's no doubt that she charmed the judges and the results are there. She takes the 3rd place. 

Here is the podium of the X-GAMES HALF PIPE WOMEN:

1- Jen Hudak
2- Megan Gunning
3- Rosalind Groenewoud

Congratulations to Rosalind and next year it will be the 1st place of the podium!

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Jan 28, 2010


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Here we are, the X Games just started is Aspen. The Rossignol riders' are ready to roll and the trainings began.

Xavier feels much better, Kevin comes back from his fall to Snowmass slowly but surely and the pain goes away.
Concerning Rosalind, she's motivated and moves on the runs...

All the team attunes to the big pipe of the X, but they will need more to slow down their motivation and the volition to win.

Here is the first day of trainings...

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