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Dec 06, 2011


Riders in this news :  Joffrey POLLET-VILLARD

Last day of training was not that perfect. I made some runs, but not the one that I want to do.
But no worries, I suck at every trainings. The comp is another thing.
It's also a good thing to suck trainings, it makes me even more hungry. When you have all you want at training, you feel maybe to good at the comp and then you just forget to be focus at the right moment.

We get the start list. There is 3 heats, they take 3 guys on every heat for the final and we are 24 per heat.
I got a hard one, you can see below the whole list, but I can told you some good names.
Simon Dumont, Matt Margetts, David Wize, Gus Kenworthy, Xavier Bertoni...
It will not be that easy, but I can make it if I stay focus on the amplitude and the steeze.

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Dec 05, 2011


Riders in this news :  Joffrey POLLET-VILLARD

First day of the Grand Prix today. Just a training session of 2 hours in the afternoon. It was so cold out there -24°, the pipe changed a little bit.

So there were no many good runs for any one. Also for me, but I'm still be on the good way.
I have différent run in my head:
Sw 7 Jap, Alley oop Flat 5 jap, 9 mute, Right side 7 reverse blunt, sw 10 blunt, right side 9.
Sw 10 alley oop Flat 5 Jap, 9 mute, right side 9 and (dunno what to do on the last, I wanna do dub).

Tomorrow is the last training day befor the comp. It will start at 9am for a session of 2 hours again. It will be so cold tomorrow morning, and my gloves totally suck !
So I'll try as good as possible to do not freeze.

I'll receive something to fight against the cold weather in 2 days.
At time for the comp, new sponsor, you'll see soon what it is ;)

I hurt the coping once, and here it is. I just broke more my iPhone screen !
Today was not that good.

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Dec 03, 2011


Riders in this news :  Joffrey POLLET-VILLARD

Ain't no good weather today. But, no matter, we go to Vail for a little air bag session.
It was the perfect time for me, I needed to work my dub to feel enough good to do it for the Dew Tour.
Greg just tell me what was wrong. And here it is, I feel it much better !!!
sounds pretty good :)

I let you check it.

Double mac double twist. from Joffrey Pollet-Villard on Vimeo.

Cork to cork = Double cork from Joffrey Pollet-Villard on Vimeo.

Oh oui oh oui ! from Joffrey Pollet-Villard on Vimeo.

Next time on ice, YOUHOU !

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Dec 02, 2011


Riders in this news :  Joffrey POLLET-VILLARD

Time goes on, and day by day I can clearly feel better on my skis. The Grand Prix starts earlier than I thought, on monday.
Things begin in 5 days...

First back to back 9.

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Dec 01, 2011

Dudes in Copper got it crazy !

Riders in this news :  Joffrey POLLET-VILLARD

3rd day in Copper, dude in Copper starts to feel well. Everybody is here, Simon Dumont, Torin, Matt Margets, Jossie...
We can see some good tricks in that insane pipe, the best I ever ride !
Andy Collet was here to film our training, a little report will drop on

I did not show you much about pipe, here is 2 shots from today. Just trying to get my grabs and feel good, even high.

A little back to back 7 (7 combo, right side 7 to switch 7),  no back to back 10 yet, but I still work on it !
I have to make it soon, before trying dubs (scary shit).

I'm so stocked about my Flat 5, I got the good pop and I can go as high as I want. I just take it easy before the Grand Prix and the Dew Tour. It will fly high for sure !

Since we're here, everyday is a blue bird day...
So, it will be good few days, thursday sounds like a day off !

Thank to every followers.
You got me more motivated.


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