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Nationalité :American
Poids :72kg
Taille :185cm
Home resort :PCMR & The Canyons

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            Name: Zach Siebert

            Nickname: Siebs, ZSiebs, Bert, Ziebs, Siebiscuit, SiebertSpace, and the list goes on...

            Nationality: German & Irish

            DOB: 5/17/83

            Home Resort: The Canyons & PCMR

            Riding/Skiing Since: started skiing when I was 2 then I got a board when I was 12 or 13 and will shred till death...

            On Rossignol since: '06 or '07?

            Other Sponsors: Dragon, Celtek, The North Face, Rhythm

            “The Set-up”: Is a crucial part to my shredding!Usually involves The Experience Board

            For snowboarders-stance/angle: 18 degrees on my front foot & somewhere between negative 9 and 12 degrees on my back foot. around 22 inches wide maybe

Website: I'm actually going to be using my blog this


The 5’s:

            5 favorite things about my local hill: 1-Its right behind my folks crib 2-Its got a lot of awesome natural terrain & of course Powder Snow! 3-You can hike out the back gates and tour around all day without even actually riding in the resort boundaries until you drop back in at the end of the day to catch the Ganjola back down 4-Ganjola 5-Riding with my Brother, The Provo Bros & all the other homies!


            5 coolest places I’ve been:1-The Cayman Islands 2-Kauai 3-Amsterdam 4-Whistler 5-San Juan Mtns. In Southern Colorado


            5 favorite artists I’ve have been listening to lately:1-Nas & Damian Marley's new joint 2-Cali P off the Like a Lion soundtrack 3-Led Zeppelin 4-Gregory Isaacs 5-Jimi Hendrix


            5 favorite places to ride:1-Utah Resorts: The Canyons, PCMR, Snowbird, Powder Mountain 2-Uinta Mountains 3-Wasatch Range 4-Sierra Nevada Range 5-Teton Range & all of the Rocky Mountains


            5 things I wouldn’t travel without:1-My Computer 2-My Money Clip that contains all my cards and my Identification 3-Passport...depends where I'm traveling I guess...4-Beach Trip all I need is Sk8board, Boardy's, Sunny's & Suncreen 5-Shred Trip-Lots of gear! & try not to forget my split-board, Beacon, Shovel, Probe & Avalung pack.


            5 frequently visited websites: 1-Facebook


            5 favorite meals:1-Pizza w/ Hempseeds  2-Poached Pear & Goat Cheese Salad w/ the mac&cheese @ the Bistro 3-Sushi 4-Vegtable Soup w/ corn bread & honey butter, or biscuits with honey butter 5-Kashi Island Vanilla cereal w/ Vanilla flavored coconut milk


            5 off season activities:1-Skateboarding 2-Golfing 3-Fishing 4-Camping 5-Surfing


            5 things I wish I had:1-Visa Black Card 2-Personal Jet Plane 3-Crib in Hawaii 4-Fountain of Youth 5-Crib in AK w/ Heli Pad & personal Heli w/ pilot


            5 embarrassing things about myself: who wants to tell 5 embarrassing things about themselves? Not I


            5 things that annoy me:1-Driving in Utah 2-Waiting at Lights 3-Shake Weight Commercials 4-Fushigi Commercials 5-Ignorant People


            5 people I’d like to meet: That have passed away: 1-Bob Marley 2-Jimi Hendrix 3-Tupac 4-John Lennon 5-Craig Kelly Peeps still alive: 1-Bill Murray 2-Val Kilmer 3-Johnny Depp 4-Micheal J. Fox 5-Man Vs. Wild dude...Bear Grylls


            5 magazines I’m into:1-Snowboarder Mag 2-TWSnow 3-TWSkate 4-Thrasher 5-The Skateboard Mag


            5 indulgences:1-Twix Ice cream 2-Shoes 3-Snowboarding 4-Skateboarding 5-Beer & Wine & Herbs


            5 accomplishments from last season:1-Getting invited to be a part of the Dragon Trip to the Bonnie Belle Cabin 2-Shredding 100+ days 3-Staying Healthy 4-Shredding some of the deepest pow of my life on May 2nd 5-hiking up many Mountains with my Split-board


            5 goals for upcoming season:1-Ride a lot of Powder! 2-Ride Alaska! 3-Keep the Positive Passion in the Air! R.I.P. C.R. Johnson 4-Ride some Big Lines with my split-board! 5-Have Good Times shredding with my Homies & my little Bro & all the ripping youths!


            5 words to end this: Love Life & Live your Dreams!

L'équipe Rossignol met à votre disposition un service de qualité afin de rendre votre expérience d'achat satisfaisante.

L'équipe Rossignol met à votre disposition un service de qualité afin de rendre votre expérience d'achat satisfaisante.


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