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Thomas GERIN

Thomas GERIN

Name :Thomas GERIN
Nickname :Tomtom
Nationality :French
Date of Birth :10/08/84
Weight :75kg
Height :177cm
Home resort :Méribel, France

Vitals & set ups

Riding since: 1996
With Rossignol since: 2004
Other sponsors: Oxbow
Boards: Retox 153, Angus 158 MW, Decoy 156
Bindings: Cuda, Cobra
Stance: 63cm
Regular / Goofy: Goofy
Favorite resort: Mottaret
Dream resort: Whistler
Safe trick: Cab5
Current best trick: 1080
Next best trick: 2160

Favorite music: French Rap
Favorite magazine: Act Snowboarding
Favorite snowboard website:
Favorite non snowboard website: Youtube

Season's highlights

Best memorable session:
A dream powder session in my home resort with my friend Brew and my girlfriend Chloé.

Best trip up until now:
Couple summer ago I went to Australia and New Zealand with Andrew, Brynild, Ju, Nana and Marie. It was a trip with snowboarding session and to enjoy and discover my friends Andrews, home country and culture. Thanks to Robinson's family for their hospitality.

Backround in snowboarding:
I started skateboarding at the age of 11. I wanted to replace my skis with a snowboard for the winter season and right away I was passionate. At that time we new only one way to ride: straight then jump straight  then jump again, with my two childhood friends Fernando and mat we only thought to fly, that’s what interested us and gave us good feeling. At 15 years I started doing halfpipe contest, a whole new world opened to me. I did good and that allowed me to join sportschool and travel to many resorts.


Contests:  1st (in team) Intercrew 4
                   1st Peanut Butter France 2008   
                   2nd (in team) Intercrew 5
                   1st (in team) New Era contest 2008
                   4th  taravana 2008
                   2nd (in team) Intercrew 6
                   Best trick Poney session TTR 2009
                   Best trick Vans Besttrick 2009
                   2nd (in team) Intercrew7

Movies: Rooster TV
               Hara Kiri

Goals in snowboarding:
First and most importantly, snowboarding must bring me pleasure and makes me happy. I enjoy riding different playgrounds and places. I want to always improve my style and master more and more different cool tricks. I aim to film a maximum this winter for a good part in the next Hara Kiri prod and also get the chance to ride in the backcountry for a maximum of shooting with my sponsors and magazines.


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