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Jerome KUNTZ

Jerome KUNTZ

Name :Jerome KUNTZ
Nickname :Rome, Romey, J
Nationality :American
Date of Birth :Oct 20th
Home resort :Afton Alps


            Name: Jerome Kuntz

            Nickname: Rome, Romey, J

            Nationality: Minnesotan

            DOB: October 20th

            Home Resort: Afton Alps

            Riding/Skiing Since: I was 13

            On Rossignol since: I was 18

            Other Sponsors: Smith Optics & Helmets, Banshee Bungee, Hidden

            “The Set-up”: Trick stick 151 with some Cobras all day every day!

            For snowboarders-stance/angle: 23” wide +18 -18



The 5’s:

            5 favorite things about my local hill:

            · My girl is good enough to ride there!

            · Tons of laps in a day

            · It’s where I grew up

            · Spring Fling           

            · It’s never crowded


            5 frequently visited websites:







            5 favorite meals:

            · Noodles & co

            · T bell

            · Panda

            · Pizza

            · Candy


            5 things that annoy me:

            · When people don’t pull their pants over their bindings

            · Anyone driving in front of me especially slower than I want to go

            · When the snow turns to ice

            · When my cell phone doesn’t work properly

            · When it rains in January.


            5 indulgences:

            · Candy

            · Computer

            · Vitamin water

            · Nike 6.0’s

            · Cameras


            5 words to end this:

            THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

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