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Jeremy JONES: AK - Deeper, “Mission Accomplished" !

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“ We are finally out of the mountains after 27 days camped on the ice.  It was the most incredible experience of my.  The challenges were large but the rewards were larger.  In 20 years of snowboarding I have never felt highs like I felt on this trip.

The trip was an experiment with a lot of question marks going into it and I am proud to say that it was a total success.  We road world class lines in unexplored mountains with out the use of a helicopter. Living in the mountains at the base of our objectives gave me an intimacy with my surroundings that I have never felt before.  We knew every layer of the snow-pack before we even went out because we lived threw the storms.  It seemed like everyday I was learning something new in the mountains and doing things I have never done before.

We consistently had to back down on lines waiting for the right conditions because hiking the lines from the bottom up left no room for error.  For the big lines we would be exposed for 3 to 5 hours as we hiked up the faces we would ride.  With a heli you can limit your exposure to minutes.

Now I am in “shock” mode as I settle back into society.  I will role out some journal entries and pics as time permits.  Below is some highlights and a few pics from the first two days of filming:

-12 ft of snow fell while we were camped on the ice. (a 10 day storm, and a 5 day storm).
-We ate 100 pounds of Clif Products (45 kilos).
-Filmer Garry Pendergrass wins the “Toughest Bastard Award” for lasting the whole month in camp.
-Travis Rice was the MVP.  Putting in 25 days with non stop energy and stoke.
-Tom Burt is truly the God Father of Big Mountain Riding and a huge reason for our success.
-Jonaven Moore is my favorite person in the world to ride with.
-I had 31 runs.
-Hiked 30,000 vertical feet.
-Rode 17 out of 18 days.  (I missed the 10 day storm for Shane’s Funeral….Thanks Shane!)
-Climbed 3 major unnamed peaks and rode world epic lines off them.
- Named the biggest and baddest one Mount McConkey. ”

Jeremy JONES

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VIDEO: Michal LIGOCKI on fire in Lake Tahoe !

“I came back from Lake Tahoe (USA) a few days ago. I was there only 10 days but I had great time shredding Americans snowparks with my friends! We had sunshine every day, and very good snow conditions! I was filming a little bit with my friend skier Marek Doniec, and he edited a nice video you can watch below…

Hope you will like it!”


Michal LIGOCKI aka “Brelok”

Watch all the video with other riders and skiers : HERE

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Xavier DE LE RUE

Xavier DE LE RUE in AK : 1st day riding !

Riders in this news :  Xavier DE LE RUE

" After almost a week of sitting around in the room, we woke up yesterday with the greatest sunshine. Finally got up there and discovered that amazing terrain. Definitely perfect for what we're looking for.
It's been a long day out there with only 5 lines, mostly not really huge but some really cool actions. It's been kind of slower than usually with a completely new crew, and three riders (Johan Olofson, Kevin Jones and myself) with three different ways of seeing the terrain.
Usa guides have definitely a different way of working meaning that you have to gain their respect before you can be really feel their confidence in you. That's something that's really hard for me but I guess I have to adapt myself and it can only go better.

Alaska has been showing its true wild and nasty side with first of all the death of a french skier that got sluffed down into some cliffs. There's been two other accident but fortunately not deadly, and two really big avalanches.
It's hard to feel really free after all that but the good thing is that we take our time, and get slowly things done. AK is definitely a great but hard experience with as much intensity on a good day as you can have unintensity on all these down days. It's definitely a rhythm that you need to catch and get used to but it's totally worth it. It's really milky today so I don't really know if we're gonna fly. I guess we'll wait for it to get better... "

Xavier DE LE RUE

Pics by Tero REPO

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Mathieu CREPEL

Mathieu CREPEL ITW !

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Check Mathieu CREPEL interview now available online!
Mat talks about his injury, his training for next Olympic Games, his objectives, and his up coming projects…

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Riders Contest: Become sponsored by Rossignol !

Following the success of last summer, Riders Contest come decided to get in the winter sport ! Of course, ROSSIGNOL decided to support it since it’s a cool project...

Go put your best ride movie online (2 minutes max), and you can win for 1500 euros of ROSSIGNOL equipment in the Amateur category.

Riders movies will be subject to your votes : most voted 10 videos will then be submitted to a jury who will select the 3 best videos from each category to submit again to the Internet votes. Within this prestigious jury, there is Aleksi LITOVAARA, former rider ROSSIGNOL who is still active within the snowboard community as riders agent and TV show producer...

Go check Jeremy Jones, Xavier de le Rue, Dimitri BIAU, Brynild Vulin, Alex EVEQUOZ movies already online… Hope you will support ROSSIGNOL Team!

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