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FACEBOOK: RoosterTv page is online

Rooster TV Facebook page is now up and running! Become a fan!


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VIDEO: Rooster Tv Season2, New trailer

Riders in this news :   ;   ;   ;   ;   ;   ;   ; Xavier DE LE RUE

We know it’s not the same as shredding a powder run or stomping a new trick, but we did our best to provide you with some footage to help you get stoked for the upcoming winter. ROOSTER TV Season 2 will help make these fall days pass by quickly. Check out our exclusive footage from our best riders.

Every two weeks, ROOSTER TV will be updated with the latest footage so you can get your fix of extreme backcountry lines, huge tricks and backstage access to events. ROOSTER TV will feature our best freeskiers and snowboarders with the likes of Kevin Rolland, Xavier Delerue, Kye Peterson, Xavier Bertoni, Lynsey Dyer, Elias Elhardt and more…

Get some popcorn, grab a drink, cozy up and check out what’s new on ROOSTER TV all season long. And don’t forget to show all your friends.

ROOSTER TV starts October 14, new teaser available now, enjoy!

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Jolly Roger Premier in Innsbruck

Riders in this news : 

On Friday night the Pirates were celebrating the result of their season quest at home in Innsbruck with a huge party, concert and DJ set for the premiere projection of “Jolly Roger” their latest video.
Elias Elhardt, the upcoming German rider, had always looked up to the Pirates as the crew to join when he would be given the chance to film. Already get to ride with Gigi (Rüf), be a member part of the pirate crew was a satisfaction on its own and made his season. Although he started filming in February and had to end his season after overshooting a landing early April, Elias was happy with his season as he had learned a lot and got tricks on film, session after session. He had no expectation on how it would look at the end but felt satisfied with was has been done.
 When his name was not showing up on screen during the video people started guessing he would get the closing segment. Like all good fireworks, videos are most of the time built with a powerful and outstanding performance as a closing segment. On that point, Jolly Roger was no different and Elias was delighted to get the final segment and appreciate the fact his hard work and the outcome of his season was appreciated by both the pirates editing crew and the people watching and screaming after his tricks. He landed back from Argentina the very same day and had in mind to party like an animal, believe me he put so much energy and joy into it that it seemed like a whole zoo was partying.
Check out the Jolly Roger tour dates and more infos on pirates on

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VIDEO: Lives of the artist

Riders in this news :  Xavier DE LE RUE

In case you dig beautiful landscape and classical music just as much as sick freeride action I suggest you quickly go check the teaser of “Lives of the artist” as the producer name it “a dramatic feature length documentary exploring the personality of contemporary artists as they search for fulfilment”.
Xavier De Le Rue is the snowboard artist of this movie, he’s sick dude, nice guy, skilled rider and one of the two most talented freerider out there. End of last winter Xavier got sent to Groenland with the filming crew, result will leave you speechless. At least until you see that scar later in the trailer the surfer dude got while playing to close to the reef and then you’ll loose your voice again watching the crazy music band at the end.
Check it now

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Riders Contest: Become sponsored by Rossignol !

Following the success of last summer, Riders Contest come decided to get in the winter sport ! Of course, ROSSIGNOL decided to support it since it’s a cool project...

Go put your best ride movie online (2 minutes max), and you can win for 1500 euros of ROSSIGNOL equipment in the Amateur category.

Riders movies will be subject to your votes : most voted 10 videos will then be submitted to a jury who will select the 3 best videos from each category to submit again to the Internet votes. Within this prestigious jury, there is Aleksi LITOVAARA, former rider ROSSIGNOL who is still active within the snowboard community as riders agent and TV show producer...

Go check Jeremy Jones, Xavier de le Rue, Dimitri BIAU, Brynild Vulin, Alex EVEQUOZ movies already online… Hope you will support ROSSIGNOL Team!

More infos:

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