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The original rocker infused with camber between the feet delivers great float and playfulness combined with pop and stability. AmpTek is a pat-pending technology that comes in 3 versions where the camber and rocker height and length vary to better fit the needs of all riding styles. Choose effortless mobility with AmpTek Auto Turn, with 80% Rocker and 20% Camber: • Rides Well in All Areas, • Extremely Easy to Ride, • Extremely Easy Transitions, • Nimble in Powder, • Softer Tips/Softer Waist. Remember: • AmpTek is for everyone! • AmpTek makes snowboarding easier! • All 3 versions are designed for any terrain and all conditions! • All 3 versions are critically acclaimed award-winners!

Most rockers go from tip to tail with the contact point being between the feet, some have camber in their tips, but none of them integrate reversed camber tips into a regular cambered, ie. between the feet, board.
We’ve also made the sidecut radius go all the way to the tip kicks so that this camber-to-reversed-camber construction guarantees faster transitions, more pop, smoother landings, increased floatation, more grip, more edge pressure and more control. It is not only different from the rest of the world, it is also better.
In short, it will amplify every aspect of your ride. It will allow you to do everything you already do better, faster, stronger and easier, resulting in more fun.

We launched our AmpTek camber technology on the Angus last year and won 2 of the industry's most  recognized and trusted awards with Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood and Snowboarder Best of Test. Having immediate approval at the shop level for our latest innovation was not only the best start we could  possibly hope for but also guaranteed the foundation for the future of AmpTek.
For 2010, we've refined our story with 3 versions of AmpTek designed to enhance every style of riding. Unlimited mobility with the AmpTek Autoturn, superior punch with the AmpTek All Mountain, and explosive pop with the AmpTek Freestyle. Please refer to the illustration below for details and always remember that:
• AmpTek is for everyone,
• no matter what version you choose, AmpTek makes
snowboarding easier,
• all 3 versions were designed for any terrain and
all conditions.


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