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A profile with 70% standard camber in the center of the ski and 30% rocker at the tip and tail. The high underfoot camber delivers secure grip for on-piste performance. The slight tip and tail rocker gives a power-assisted steering effect with effortless control, as well as excellent versatility in powder and on the piste. Multi-snow - Versatility - Control - Maneuverability - Multi-performance.

The Rocker Story

Our rocker philosophy: “The right camber, the right Rocker”
Rocker technology is revolutionizing today’s approach to skiing, making it easier and considerably increasing product versatility.
The first virtue of rocker geometry is that it allows the tip to be more versatile and work harder to stay on the surface and float more naturally in all types of soft snow. The second feature is that it improves pivoting ability on all kinds of terrain, by freeing the tip and tail.
To cater for all needs and adapt to all conditions, Rossignol presents the right rocker/camber combination as four profiles, each with a distinct geometry offering its own turn type: Power Turn, Auto Turn, Powder Turn and Spin Turn. From concretehard snow to 20 inches of powder, from 15 mph to 75 mph, in long and short turns, beginner or expert, you will have new sensations, discover new lines and new spots, and enjoy the snow in new ways.

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