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Riders in this news :  Jean-Guillaume BEATRIX  ; Martin FOURCADE  ; Olga ZAYTSEVA


Relay Men: Victory of Team France!
After a disappointing weekend in Oberhof, French Relay has won Ruhpolding relay with an exceptional Martin Fourcade (Rossignol) who is totally back from his shoulder injury. With Simon Fourcade, Jean-Guillaume Béatrix (Rossignol), Alexis Bœuf and the leader of the World Cup, the French Team signs his first season victory in this discipline and take his revenge on Norway, who ends first last year during the World Championships here in Ruhpolding. Norway (Birkeland, Boe, L'Abee-Lund and Svendsen) ends second ahead of Austria (Eder, Pinter, Landertinger and Sumann).

Relay Women: Podium for Zaitseva (RUS) and Cerna (CZE)
Norwaywins Ruhpolding relay, her second victory this season after Hochfilzen. Russian Relay made up of Glazyrina, Vilukkhina, Shumilova and Zaitseva (Rossignol) takes the second place. And to complete the podium, we have Czech realay with Vitkova, Soukalova, Cerna (Rossignol) and Zvaricova. 

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Riders in this news :  Marie-Laure BRUNET  ; Olga ZAYTSEVA

Olga Zaitseva wins her first individual victory this season during the pursuit of Oberhof (GER). Russia’s biathlete signs her third podium with Rossignol after the victory in the mixed relay in Oestersund and the 3rd place in relay in Hochfilzen. With three penalties, Olga Zaitseva leads ahead of Veronika Vitkova and Valj Semerenko. In the last loop of the race, Olga arrived alone on the shooting range and made 0 penalties, synonymous of victory. “It’s better and better this season concerning my ski. Today, the challenging conditions of Oberhof were better. I know that the last shooting will be important. I was very concentrated.

Marie-Laure Brunet finishes 6th of the pursuit with a clean-shooting. She gives her feelings after the race: “Today, I’m very happy because my physical condition is not so good at the moment and it’s not easy all the day since few weeks. I work hard and I consider all races with philosophy. I try to find positive things in each run. I did my race, I didn’t look what the other girls have done and, finally, I finish 6th. It’s not enough but it’s better to be at this place to another. Concerning my clean-shooting, shooting and me, it’s a big love story! I take pleasure behind my rifle. Today, it’s not a surprise. I was preparing for!

Pictures behind the scenes : click here!

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Riders in this news :  Alexander LEGKOV

29 year-old Alexander Legkov wins his first career Tour de Ski. It’s a huge performance for the Russian who managed very well the different stages of this 7th edition, witch ended in Val di Fiemme this Saturday. From the Prologue, Legkov has shown that he was in a good shape: “I felt very good today. The course was not that icy like yesterday. I felt very good during the prologue. I will think about the plan for pursuit in the evening but there are many good skiers out there. I have to focus on my skiing tomorrow and find my way out of the pack.” The tactic was right because the day after, the racer of Team Rossignol took the second place of the Pursuit 15km Classic.

Not in the pack during the Sprint in Val Müstair in Switzerland, Legkov built his success during the two next stages of Toblach/Cortina. Second of the pursuit and then fifith of the 5km Classic, Alexander Legkov arrived in confidence in Val di Fiemme. 5th of the 15km Classic mass start, the Russian wearied the bib of leader but it was just before the jury gave him 15 second time penalty for obstruction. Before the final stage, Dario Cologna was the Tour leader by 7 seconds over Legkov and 12 seconds over Norwegian’s Petter Northug.

The suspense was on before the famous up of Alpe Cermis, place where Legkov has signed the best time last year! The Rossignol’s skier controlled his race and was very strong during this last Italian stage. He manages his lead on this challenging slope. Second in 2007, Alexander Legkov took the lead with manner and wins his first career Tour de Ski ahead of Dario Cologna and Maxim Vylegzhanin. “I have not practiced climbing hills this big.  But in summer time rollerskiing and on snow I know that I am a strong climber.  Sochi is next year, but right now I am just focused on the World Championships.  Thank you to my team and my family.” He wears also the yellow bib of leader of the World Cup. What a beautiful 2013 beginning! Team Rossignol is proud of Alexander Legkov who signs a nice performance here in his career.


Untouchable Justyna Kowalczyk! The Polish wins her fourth Tour de Ski in a row with five victories this edition and a 3rd place in the Prologue. Norwegian’s Therese Johaug and Kristin Stoermer Steira complete the podium. Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen opens the Rossignol’s counter in this Ladies Tour de Ski. She grabs the third place of the 3,3 km classic. The Norwegian was quite regular since the beginning of the competition. She took the 6th place in the Prologue and the Pursuit C, the 13th place in the Sprint or also the 7th place of the Pursuit. Sixth of the final stage, she finishes fifth of the overall ranking.

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Riders in this news :  Martin FOURCADE

Injured to his shoulder few days ago, Martin Fourcade made his come back on the World Cup this Saturday during the Sprint of Oberhof. He ends 16th. 

Pictures behind the scenes : click here!

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Riders in this news :  Florian GRAF

Days are the same in Oberhof. The weather is always so bad, like every day in this German town and the podiums continues for Rossignol. After the 2nd place of Marie-Laure Brunet and Marie Dorin-Habert during the ladies relay, Simon Schempp and Florian Graf from Germany grab the third step of the podium. Although the wind was strong and the snow conditions were very particular, the battle was hard until the end. Finally, Russia wins ahead of Norway and Germany (with Two Rossi’s biathlete Simon Schempp and Florian Graf, Erik Lesser and Arnd Peiffer).

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