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In the Norwegian wax truck!

Riders in this news :  Eldar RØNNING

In La Clusaz, Eldar Roenning - from Team Rossignol - has opened the doors of the Norwegian wax truck to show us where the skis are prepared and what the secrets of this unique place are. 

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Cross-Country: Results of La Clusaz

Riders in this news :  Aino Kaisa SAARINEN  ; Alexander LEGKOV


Ladies 10km Classic Mass Start
This Saturday, in La Clusaz, Marit Bjoergen (NOR) has won the 10km Classic ahead of her teammante Therese Johaug and the World Cup leader Justyna Kowalczyk (POL). For Team Rossignol, Aino-Kaisa Saarinen ends 8th while Astrid Jacobsen is 10th.

Men 15km Classic Mass Start
For the men, Alexey Poltoranin wins with the 15km ahead of Alexander Bessmertnykh and Dario Cologna. The winner of Tour de Ski and member of Team Rossignol Alexander Legkov finishes 5th and keeps the yellow bib of leader of the World Cup.

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Riders in this news :  Martin FOURCADE

One year after his three titles of World Champion in Ruhpolding, Martin Fourcade realizes a new hat-trick this weekend in Germany: relay, sprint and mass start! The leader of the World Cup confirms that he is totally back from his shoulder injury. After the relay with French Team, the Sprint yesterday and the Mass Start today, he signs his 18th career victory and shots clean during the three races.

"My tactic was to shoot 20 and ski as fast as possible...I used all of my strength to beat him (Malyshko) today. I really wanted to win today, so I gave a bit more than usual. One meter before the finish was when I knew I would win! Two of my biggest rivals (Malyshko and Svendsen) are here on the podium with me today", said the biathlete of Team Rossignol after the race.

Video Profile Athlete: Martin Fourcade


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Peterson, first win this season!

Riders in this news :  Nikita KRIUKOV  ; Teodor PETERSON

Last year's overall Sprint World Cup champion Teodor Peterson (Rossignol) wins the Sprint of Liberec ahead of – and after a photo finish – his Swedish teammate Emil Joensson and Paal Golberg from Norway. It’s the first World Cup win of the season for Teodor Peterson after his second place in Quebec. At the moment, he stands at the second place of the Sprint Cup standing ahead of another member of Team Rossignol, Nikita Krioukov.

Teodor Petersson (SWE) :It feels great to be the first non-Norwegian on the podium. I have had some good competitions this winter but no victory. I will try to keep the winning momentum for the rest of the season. It was very close with Emil. I felt strong today but I did not see Emil coming from behind. Last four meters were important for the victory.” 

Results Classic Sprint
1. Teodor Peterson SWE
2. Emil Joensson SWE
3. Paal Golberg NOR

Sprint Cup Standing
1. Emil Joensson SWE 342 points
2. Teodor Peterson SWE 210 points
3. Nikita Kriukov RUS 168 points


Here are the results of the Team Sprint in Liberec (CZE)

1. Norway (Oestberg / Falla )
2. Sweden I (Nilsson / Ingemarsdotter)
3. Sweden II (Soemskar/ Pajala)

1. Russia II (Devjatiarov / Morilov)
2. Norway I (Brandsdal / Golberg )
3. Russia I (Petukhov / Krioukov)

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Riders in this news :  Jean-Guillaume BEATRIX  ; Martin FOURCADE  ; Olga ZAYTSEVA


Relay Men: Victory of Team France!
After a disappointing weekend in Oberhof, French Relay has won Ruhpolding relay with an exceptional Martin Fourcade (Rossignol) who is totally back from his shoulder injury. With Simon Fourcade, Jean-Guillaume Béatrix (Rossignol), Alexis Bœuf and the leader of the World Cup, the French Team signs his first season victory in this discipline and take his revenge on Norway, who ends first last year during the World Championships here in Ruhpolding. Norway (Birkeland, Boe, L'Abee-Lund and Svendsen) ends second ahead of Austria (Eder, Pinter, Landertinger and Sumann).

Relay Women: Podium for Zaitseva (RUS) and Cerna (CZE)
Norwaywins Ruhpolding relay, her second victory this season after Hochfilzen. Russian Relay made up of Glazyrina, Vilukkhina, Shumilova and Zaitseva (Rossignol) takes the second place. And to complete the podium, we have Czech realay with Vitkova, Soukalova, Cerna (Rossignol) and Zvaricova. 

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