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Nice performance for Jespersen

Riders in this news :  Chris Andre JESPERSEN

Norway’s Chris Andre Jespersen has taken the second place of the Men 30km Free in Davos. It’s his first World Cup podium in individual! At thirty year-old, the skier from Team Rossignol is a skate specialist and was Junior 30 km World Champion in 2003. After this race, Jespersen is now the distance World Cup leader. 
Chris Andre Jespersen (NOR):I tried to keep focused and ski only my race today. I tried to keep a good and steady pace. I was surprised when I heard I was fighting for victory. It’s my first podium in my career, 3 seconds behind the winner is like a victory for me.” 
Please also note the beautiful 6th place of Robin Duvillard, the French skier.
Results Men 30 km Free Individual
1. Maurice Manificat (FRA) 1:05:10.8
2. Chris Andre Jespersen (NOR) +3.3 
3. Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR) +14.9

Distance World Cup Standing
1. Chris Andre Jespersen (NOR) 166 points
2. Maurice Manificat (FRA) 160 points
3. Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR) 151 points

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Another best victory for Gasparin, M.Fourcade 3rd

Riders in this news :  Martin FOURCADE  ; Selina GASPARIN

Selina Gasparin won two sprints in a row after her victory in Hochfilzen last week. In Le Grand-Bornand, she earned her second career World Cup podium with a clean-shooting. Kaisa Mäkäräinen finished second and Valj Semerenko was third. The Swiss biathlete from Rossignol Team was happy of her performance.
"I actually am more surprised than last week. The first time can be luck, the second one is more than that; it is cool. Last week, I had to spend a lot of time with the Swiss media; I even had to explain to some of them what biathlon was. That was a bit stressful, but now this week, none of them are here! I will be happy to wear number 1 tomorrow and then go home for Christmas. After that, I will go back to doing the same thing: focus on the race, shoot clean and take one race at a time. I do not look forward too much, because I know how fast it all can change in biathlon." (Quote : Biathlon World)
Martin Fourcade ended third of the Sprint with one penalty: "I am just disappointed about my last bullet. I am just happy to be on the podium at home. The crowd and the atmosphere was very nice. It was so nice that all of the fans helped me on my on the last lap. I will have this in my memory for a long time...It was just wonderful to compete here at home."
On Friday, Simon Schempp was second of the relay with German Team. 

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Martin Fourcade renews his commitment with Rossignol until 2016!

Riders in this news :  Martin FOURCADE

Under contract with Rossignol until Olympic Games of Sochi, Martin Fourcade decided to extend his commitment until April 30th 2016. Just before Grand-Bornand’s stage, the Biathlon World Cup current leader reiterates his faith in the brand.
Martin Fourcade (Two-time winner of Biathlon World Cup and five-time World Champion):I choose to trust Rossignol because I cannot dissociate my success of the last 3 seasons from the quality of the equipment that helped me winning. I have great ambitions that go beyond this Olympic season and I wanted to make sure that I could count on the best skis and best boots possible to help me achieve my dreams! Close cooperation with men and women from Rossignol in order to constantly improve the equipment is a determinant factor that really helped me making my choice.”
Through his performance and professionalism, Martin Fourcade brings a very positive energy to the development of our products. This signature points out the continuity of a long and successful collaboration between Rossignol and this upstanding champion.
Bruno Cercley (Rossignol President):At Rossignol we are all pleased by the continuation of this fantastic adventure with Martin Fourcade. Martin has not only the physical and mental involvement that great champions usually have, but also the ability to guide us simply and precisely trough a permanent evolution of our equipment. We are honored by Martin’s fidelity for our brand, our equipment and our teams. Over the last few years, we collaborated in a spirit that is nearly familial and it allowed us to reach together the top level in this very challenging disciple that is biathlon.”
Rossignol is very proud of this ongoing adventure and wishes for Martin the achievement of his dearest objectives while this season at Sochi Olympic Games.
Results (on December 11th 2013)
Winner of the general classification of the Biathlon World Cup 2012-2013
Winner of the Sprint, the Pursuit, the Mass Start and the individual World Cup in 2013
Winner of the small crystal globe in Pursuit and in Sprint in 2012
World Champion of the individual 20km in 2013, Silver Medalist in the mixed relay, the relay, in the Sprint and the Pursuit
Three-time Gold Medalist at World Championships 2012 (Sprint, Pursuit, Mass Start) and Silver Medalist in the relay
World Champion in the Pursuit 2011 and Silver Medalist in Sprint
Olympic silver medallist of the Mass Start in 2010
Winner of Pursuit small crystal globe in 2010
54 podiums in World Cup including 27 victories (in individual)

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Cross-Country: Rossignol placed on the podiums

Riders in this news :  Aino Kaisa SAARINEN  ; Alexander LEGKOV  ; Eldar RØNNING

Norway wins the ladies' 4 x5 km relay in Lillehammer with 3 Rossi’s athletes on the podium
1. Norway I (Weng, Johaug, Steira, Bjørgen) 58:38.9
2. Finland (Saarinen, Kylloenen, Niskanen, Lahteenmaki) +1:13.1
3. USA I (Randall, Bjornsen, Stephen, Diggins) +1:36.5
Russia has taken the lead of the men’s 4 x7,5 km relay in Lillehammer with Alexander Legkov, winner of the Tour de Ski 2013. Eldar Roenning and Chris Andre Jespersen with Norway II is second with his team.
1. Russia I (Japarov, Bessmertnykh, Legkov, Vylegzhanin) 1:19:04.7
2. Norway II (Roenning, Jespersen, Roethe, Krogh) +1.6
3. Norway I (Golberg, Toenseth, Sundby, Northug Jr.)
Alexander Legkov (RUS) : It is a great day and great victory for us. This season is the most important and I am happy we showed such a great performance in the relay today. Maxim did a great move towards the end. I hope in Sochi we will perform in the same way.

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Hochfilzen, highlights of the week

Riders in this news :  Carl Johan BERGMAN  ; Marie DORIN-HABERT  ; Marie-Laure BRUNET  ; Martin FOURCADE  ; Selina GASPARIN

14:30 / Thursday, December 5th / Big injury for Marie Dorin Habert
It’s confirmed, Marie Dorin Habert had a ruptured tendon in her ankle and probably she would miss the rest of the season.
10:30 / Friday, December 6th / Win of Selina Gasparin: “A really big day for Switzerland”
Despite the bad weather -windy and snowy- Switzerland’s Selina Gasparin claimed in Hochfilzen’s Sprint the first World Cup victory of her career. It’s also the first victory for Switzerland in biathlon! "It was just a normal day out there, skiing and shooting...I had a miss in the standing and then never thought about the podium. I was thinking it would not be a good position...It was a big surprise: I have always been always dreaming about a podium, maybe second or third, but I never thought about a victory. Now I am really surprised to be the winner of today's race. I thought it would be cool to have a woman take the first victory. It is an honor to be the First world Cup winner; it is a really big day for Switzerland."
13:30 / Friday, December 6th / Second place for Martin Fourcade in the Sprint
[HOCHFILZEN] Martin Fourcade ITV Sprint HOC par FFSki
11:30 / Saturday, December 7th / French women relay ends third with Marie-Laure Brunet and the young Anaïs Chevalier: « A podium for Marie Dorin-Habert »

14:30 / Saturday, December 7th / Sweden Team with two Rossignol’s biathletes Carl Johan Bergman and Christofer Eriksson finishes second of the Men Relay.

13:30 / Sunday, December 8th / 27th World Cup for Martin Fourcade who grabs the first place in Hochfilzen’s Pursuit
Martin Fourcade ITV PURSUIT HOC par FFSki

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