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Name :Chelsea SULLIVAN
Nationality :Canadian
Date of Birth :03/10/1986
Weight :140lbs
Height :5'6
Home resort :Whistler, BC

Vitals & set ups

To me Rossignol  is over a hundred years of evolution in skiing technology, that has given me the trusted  tools to live out my dreams in the mountains.

Riding since: 1988
With Rossignol since: 2006
Skis: S110 W, SC97
Favorite skiers: Ptor Spricenieks, Eric Pehota, Hugo Harrison, Glen Plake, Seth Morrison and Kit Delauries
Favorite superhero: Megan Man
Favorite pick up line: Nice bum where ya from?
Favorite joke: Stop global warming or the snowman gets it!
Favorite off season activity: Climbing, Kayaking, Surfing, Longboarding, Mtn biking
Favorite ski career achievement: Working towards my ACMG.
Favorite music: Jamiroquai "Cosmic Girl"
Favorite ski website:

3 words to describe yourself:       

The best thing:   
1) About being a pro athlete: The opportunity to travel, gain experience and knowledge, and do what I love.
2) I did last season: Last season I adopted the ‘earn your turns’ mentality, and I love it!
3) To advise the youngsters who want to be pros: Believe in yourself. "There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”  Paulo Coelho
4) That happened while traveling: Getting to know other athletes, visiting new places, and skiing at new terrain.
5) You've learned from your team manager: Represent!
Other stuff:   
1) How do you train and stay pumped on skiing in the summer: I love working out; I am at the gym 5-7 days a week. I also Kayak, Climb, Surf, Mtn Bike and Longboard.
2) Any mental / physical conditions we should know about: Never been tested
3) What does 'no poles' mean to you: That I am tomahawking.
4) Global warming is: A reality we must all come to terms with. We can put a stop to our negative influence on the world if we all work together.
5) Given your opportunity to evolve our sport, what are you planning to change about skiing: I want to be a part of, and eventually a leader for female skiers who are looking to push freeskiing to a new level: on the resort, in comps, and in the backcountry. Mountaineering is the next step; I am exploring the possibilities of what can be done in the mountains. I am also a gear junkie and am interested in being involved in R&D and design. I am currently working towards my ACMG and can’t wait to share my love of the sport with others. There is so much I want to do, and given the opportunity I will accomplish it all.

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