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Shroder BAKER

Shroder BAKER

Name :Shroder BAKER
Home resort :Jackson Hole


Name: Shroder Baker
Nickname: Shro
Nationality: American
Date of birth: June 11th 1975
Place of birth: Eugene, Oregon
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 210 Lbs.
Home resort: Jackson Hole Resort
Skiing since: I was 20
On Rossi since: 1995
Other sponsors: Scott USA, Jackson Hole, Ogio, Kaenon Polarized.
Dream sponsor: Audi
Current gear (ski): Phantom 108 and Super S7
Stance: standard


3 words to describe yourself
1) Heart 
2) Athlete   
3) Dork


Skier: Mac Attack
Song right now: Xavier Rudd- Messeges
Website: Surfline
Resort: Jackson Hole
Superhero: Captain Insano
Trick: Big 360
Pick up line: No pick up lines
Joke: …Hey did you see that Pirate movie?  It's RRRRRRRRRRRRR rated!
Off-season activities: Surf, Bike, Golf, Fly-fishing
Ski career achievement: I have been nominated for best powder segment every year for the last five.  I have won the award once, good stuff.


About being a pro athlete: The travel
I did last season: Stayed at home all season and tried to piece it out.  It was a rough season but it all worked out in the end.
To advise the youngsters who want to be: Chase your dreams, have fun and don't be a hater
That happened while travelling: I got real sick in India once. Treadway tells the best version on that story.
You’ve learned from your team manager: Don't slack on doing team Bio's


How do you train and stay pumped on skiing in the summer? Surfing, and biking
Any mental/physical conditions we should know about: Lots of push ups and sit ups
What does « no poles » mean to you? It means your skiing without poles.
Global warning is…Happening
Given your opportunity to evolve our sport, what are you planning to change about skiing? I like the direction that skiing is headed.  One thing we can all do is become more involved with making sure our winters stick around.  You can do your part by joining  I want to ski pow forever, don't you?

Just for Shroder

You bought a sled last year, how did that work out?
Pretty killer actually, Bought a new Rev didn't ride it once.  Sold it in the spring and went surfing for two months.
You spent some time at the beach getting your surf on, how does that effect your skiing? Surfing helps to apply fluidity to my skiing
Tell us what Jackson Hole was like without the Tram:
It was ok it would just take a little longer to get to the goods.
What would be the ultimate road trip for Shroder in 2008? Yeah, ironically Sage taught me the most interesting trick.
Load my self into a big R.V. and head north after the Jackson shuts down.  I would make my way up to all the sick spots in Canada, then on to A.K. for a month of heli action.  Dream trip!

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