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Riders in this news :  Joffrey POLLET-VILLARD

After the breakfast you saw in the last post, we go skiing.
That was the opening day, and the pipe is already shape perfectly !
That is so sick we ride all the morning, we were a little bit tired because of the jetlag.
But that was a good session thought !

Then we go shopping in outlets at Sylvertorne.
I bought a skateboard, because there is a Woodward in Copper.

So I went there, and it wasn't easy, I ride concrete bowl, and here this is in wood.
I can't stop sliding in the pipe, kind off boring.

But, after 20 minutes, I can do some tricks. I will be better in few days !

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Riders in this news :  Joffrey POLLET-VILLARD

Let's take off toward Denver, with all the Freeski project.
Our flight, London to Denver was long, way too long !

We finally arrived in Denver at 15pm.
First thing that I did, go to the Taco Bell, took the number 7,
and here it is, I am in USA for real !

Then we grab 2 cars, a big Chevrolet Taho(SUV) and a berline Chevrolet.
Here it goes for 2 hours on icy road to head to Copper.
We were through in a little snowstorm, that was quite hard without snowtire
but, so damn good to see much snow dumping !

2 hours later we arrived in Copper, so good to be back out there !
We will stay there at Copper, just front of the chairlift, our building is just from 100 meters to the Pipe.
This is insane, no long walk or bus to take for skiing. Just go straight to the chairlift and enjoy the day!

BANG! First morning in USA, let's have a big american breakfast.
Let's see the menu.
I took the all américan combo, this trip starts so well !

But now, I go ski, and it's time to enjoy the big Pipe.
New report soon


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Riders in this news :  Benoit VALENTIN


19-year old Benoit Valentin from la Plagne (France), winner of the 2011 Half-Pipe World Cup, is joining Rossignol’s Freestyle team for a period of three years in preparation for the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi.

The young skier has decided to trust Rossignol to support his sporting objectives over the next three years.

Rossignol has a long-established position as a major player in Freestyle. The brand’s athletes have amassed some exceptional results, including more than ten Winter X-Games medals in eight years.

Rossignol provides its athletes with the best products and technical support, in both Alpine skiing and Freeski. Rossignol’s wealth of experience in racing will also help the freestylers to take their performance to an even higher level.

A refreshed team in preparation for the Olympics

The announcement that the Half-Pipe will be an Olympic sport from 2014 is a real milestone in the development of this sport. With this in mind - and faithful to its sporting traditions – Rossignol has put together a highly competitive Freestyle team, younger but still well-balanced, to carry its banner at major international competitions.

Along with the experience of Xavier Bertoni and the talent of David Wise, Ben’s energy and technique will strengthen the Rossignol team in preparation for future major events.

See you in mid-December, from 15 to 18, at Breckenridge (Colorado) for the first event in the Winter Dew Tour with the entire Rossignol Freestyle team.

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Supreme FKS!

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The legendary FKS binding was present on many podiums last season! Please find below a summary of all the results:

       Half pipe final Wordcup  La Plagne

X-Games 15
        Superpipe Men :         1er Kevin Rolland (Rossignol)                       
        Superpipe Women :         3ème Roz Groenewoud (Atomic)
FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships        
        Bosses Women :         3ème Kristi Richards (K2)      
        Bosses Men :                 1er Guilbaut Colas (Rossignol)
        Superpipe Women :         1ère Roz Groenewoud (Atomic)
        Superpipe Men :        1er Mike Riddle (Atomic)
        2ème Kevin Rolland (Rossignol)
 Freestyle Wordcup
        Bosses Men :                1er Guilbaut Colas (Rossignol)       
 Freestyle Wordcup - General ranking
        Bosses Men :                 1er Guilbaut Colas (Rossignol)       
Dew Cup
        Superpipe Men :        1er Kevin Rolland (Rossignol)
X-Games Europe
        Superpipe Men :         1er Kevin Rolland (Rossignol)
Half pipe Wordcup  La Plagne
        Half pipe Men :                3ème David Wise (Rossignol)

        Half pipe Men :                1er Kevin Rolland (Rossignol)
                                              2ème David Wise (Rossignol)                         
Half pipe Wordcup - General ranking
        Half pipe Men :                2ème Xavier Bertoni (Rossignol)
                                              3ème David Wise (Rossignol)
        Half pipe Women:            2ème Roz Groenewoud (Atomic) 


>> See the complete profile of the FKS here 

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Looking ahead to the major sports events in the calendar, Rossignol is announcing changes to its Freestyle Team and a new recruit.

Rossignol, a major player on the Freestyle scene
For many years Rossignol has been well established as a major player in Freestyle, through legendary products like the Scratch or the S4, and iconic riders like Candide Thovex, or more recently Kevin Rolland and Xavier Bertoni.
Rossignol's riders have amassed some exceptional results, including 10 Winter X-Games medals in 8 years!

Rossignol will continue to be a driving force in the development of the sport with a refreshed team for 2011/2012 and beyond.

From rookies to X-Games stars: discovering and supporting riders, helping them shine
Rossignol's philosophy has always been to support the development of young athletes. It works tirelessly to discover them, ensuring that it has a presence on the ground via Freestyle clubs and coaches.
Rossignol has also created event formats for detecting young prospects such as the Rossignol Air Tour.
Our athlete support does not stop with the product - it embraces all profile-raising tools, including video. In winter 2008/2009 Rossignol launched Rooster TV to nurture freeski and snowboard culture on the internet. Bringing together Xavier Bertoni, Kevin Rolland and Mathias Lopez for the first time, this enabled Rossignol to differentiate itself with  original high-quality programming. The creative trio then gave rise to the well known web TV site, which we are actively supporting.

2012-2014: a fresh start, a new story
After 8 magical years with Rossignol and 4 Winter X-Games golds, Kevin Rolland is starting a new chapter.
Kevin was discovered in 2004, with his friend Xavier Bertoni. We were behind him as he developed and exploded onto the scene, becoming one of the biggest names in international Freestyle with one of the most glittering records, including 4 X-Games golds in Superpipe.

The road to Sochi 2014  
The announcement that the Half-pipe will be an Olympic sport from 2014 is a real milestone in the development of Freestyle.
With this in mind - and faithful to its sporting traditions - Rossignol has assembled a highly competitive Freestyle team, younger but still well-balanced, to carry its banner at the Winter X-Games and begin preparations for the upcoming Olympics.
Xavier Bertoni (3 X-Games medals), is returning in great form and super-motivated for the new season. This year, armed with his Pro Model, he will prove once again that he is among the world's best.
David Wise, the 21-year-old American, is in the Superpipe Top 5 and will also be a serious contender for an X-Games medal.  
Finally, Rossignol is preparing for the future with a brand new recruit, a young French rider of talent and promise whose name will be revealed shortly.

We are very confident in the potential of this team, which is made up of riders whose talents complement each other brilliantly. A new and absorbing season is about to begin, a chance for them to express themselves and share their style, enthusiasm and appetite at the major events to come.


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