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Herman Fjøss

Herman Fjøss

Name :Herman Fjøss
Nickname :Le Herm/ Hermz
Nationality :Sweden
Date of Birth :21.12.1991
Weight : 83
Height :185
Home resort :Tryvann / Varingskollen


Best memorable session:

Film shoot with Dedicated Pictures in a Norwegian ski resort named Kongsberg in late Mars. We had a HUGE jump that was perfectly built, perfect weather and soft snow! We where cruising the jump all day long, and had a really epic day!


Best trip up until now:

I don’t have one special trip, but all the trips to Breckenridge in January are always a sick time! Hitting the park all day, every day with all my best friends! Good times.


Background in skiing:

At first when I was a little kid I was skiing regular alpine skis, and after a few years I started snowboarding witch I suck at, so I started skiing again! One day after a few new years I was in my local ski resort (Tryvann) and I met a friend who had twintipskis, an I borrowed his skis for a few laps, and later that same season I bought some twintips my self, and then the only thing I was doing besides school was riding twintips every day!


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