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All snowskates are not good, some are excellent! Ours are made out of bamboo and come with p-tex bases, steel edges, recycled walls and huge kicks. They look like snowboards, pop like michael jackson and ride like skateboards. Need say no more.


Reference RECWP06
Size Available 90

Choose your size

Generally, a snowboard is chosen according to a rider's weight, ability and riding style. A shorter snowboard will be more manageable and easier to maneuver - great for beginners, lighterweight, or more freestyle-oriented riders. A longer snowboard will be faster and more stable - great for heavier, more advanced, or aggressive freeriders.

For more freestyle-oriented performance: size between your shoulder and chin.

For more freeride-oriented performance: size between your chin and nose or above.

Download the size chart here

Trick Tips snowboard episodes

Trick Tips snowboard episodes


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