XAVIER DE LE RUE : A (very) busy man

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XAVIER DE LE RUE : A (very) busy man

Riders in this news :  Xavier DE LE RUE

You could think being focus on big mountain riding means waiting for the good snow to dump before doing anything…
Here is a quick sum up of my schedule over the last month to give you an idea.
29th-30th London: Relentless Freeze / Deeper Premiere
Cool to meet up the relentless crew and Jeremy in London, lot’s of people  and a cool party. I got to spend times with my little brother Victor who was competing at the world cup.
31st – 3rd Sales meeting The North Face in Austria. It’s good to meet up with all the people from Europe. Passionate people and good vibes, what else? Oh yeah, Halloween party rocked that’s what else ! ( ain't no water in that gun !)
5th trip to Lorient, yep, no mountain or press conference there. I went sailing with Aurélien Ducroz on his boat, we filmed for Nissan Freeride spirit
6th back to Paris for a seminaire with the sncf, national rail company for which I’m an ambassador.
7th-10th : I went to Banff Canada for few days and a The North Face athlete summit, I got to meet up with all the other TNF athletes. We had meetings to give feedback and input on products, communications and future projects, Rider driven company !
11-14th : Verbier – Nissan freeride spirit and checking line for next year, you’ll discover that in Episod 1 of TimeLine coming out before mid december.
15th : Rossignol photoshooting at the Headquarter for Ispo snowboard booth, I spent the evening with Petzl people at mountain film festival in Grenoble to present Relentless lives of the artists : Follow me down, our last year antarctica trip.
16th : off to London for a press conference for the freeride world tour
17th : then to paris for another freeride world tour press conference , CHO from Eurosport was there for Nissan Freeride spirit program. Jah Love !
18th-22nd : Home sweet home, back to Pyrenees and St Lary for few days. My brother Polo and I spent a day filming for asylum project a fiction documentary, kind of weird and interesting, I’ll let you know when it’s out. I’m curious about the result.
22-29th Back to Verbier, spending time with my daughter, organising the season and trips with Tero and Guido
Now I’m on my way to Swatch snowmobile in Saalbach, Austria, where usually hell breaks loose. Check out pics from previous year and you’ll get an idea. I hope I’ll come alive from it as I fly on the 5th to Canada for couple week of a Nissan Expedition with my mates from the Nissan team.
More news to come in a future webisode of TimeLine.

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