Jeremy JONES: DEEPER - The Alps, "Extreme Camp"...


Jeremy JONES: DEEPER - The Alps, "Extreme Camp"...

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“Standing at the bottom of the line a was feeling sick.  No amount of water could wet my pallet and I started to wonder if I might throw up or crap my pants.  Xavier DE LE RUE was pointing up to a line that he wanted us to hike and climb and I was not feeling it.  It required a 200 foot ice climb up to a hanging, very exposed, snow field.  To ride it safely would require a rappel in the middle of the line.

“I will follow you up to the crux and if I am not feeling it I will belay you,” I told Xavier.  With a lightened pack on my back I started feeling good as I approached the ice climb.  Xavier led the charge and placed solid protection the whole way up.  I followed and felt great.  For the sketchy parts we were protected and then once on the hanging face the snow was still frozen and made for great climbing.  It just shows that with the proper gear lines like this are totally doable.

The last two days we have been climbing and riding some smaller lines.  We are hoping to hit a big face that tops out at just above 14,000 ft.  It is a serious face that would put our skills to the test.  We have been hiking hard up high and sleeping up high to get acclimatized.  Every run I learn something new.  Nothing comes easy in these mountains and you can not let your guard down at any point.”

Jeremy JONES

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