Jeremy JONES: DEEPER, the Alps Project !


Jeremy JONES: DEEPER, the Alps Project !

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“ Europe has been a annual stop for me since fist coming here over fifteen years ago.  From the first time I laid eyes on these mountains until now I have been blown away at the size.  Stack Jackson Hole on top of Whistler or times Snowbird by three or four and you get the idea.

Contests, team photo shoots or sales meetings have been the focus of my pasts trips to Europe and although I have had some amazing days riding in Europe I have yet to really feel what it is like to ride the big lines here.  The place has always freaked me out and all of my riding has been with in ear shot of the lift.

A big reason why I have not gotten on the huge faces is that I am always here in winter.  The time to get after the high north faces is May and June when the snow levels rise and the snow starts to stick to the usually icy north faces.  In the past I would be shelled from Alaska at this time of year and thawing out on a warm beach working on my bottom turn.  The last few years I have realized that the late spring is the time to hit the big steep lines so I have been starting my season later and taking it into June.

Another thing I learned early on coming to Europe is to hook up with the locals.  At first I would come over with a big group of Americans and we would stumble around Europe stuck on the tourist track and missing the true feeling of the place.  I am very lucky to have many close friends over here.  One of them is Xavier DE LE RUE.  He is the hardest charging big mountain rider I have seen in many years and we have a like minded approach to the mountains.

One thing I do not have figured out is jet-lag.  It hurts and there is no real trick to dealing with it.  We just arrived and are getting are feet on the ground before getting after it… “

Jeremy JONES

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