Jeremy JONES: AK - DEEPER: Dream Day !

Jeremy JONES

Jeremy JONES: AK - DEEPER: Dream Day !

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“ Today was the pinnacle of a lifetime of snowboarding for me.  Hope was starting to slip away earlier in the day… The wind has stripped almost all aspects of snow.  We finally make it to the one bowl we think is holding snow and the lines we want to hit are heavier then we thought and render us speechless once we get close to them.  Big ice, bigger cornices, gnarly hikes and sharp spines.

Travis Rice had seen enough and he called in the plane to take him back to the real world after 25 days in camp.  Ryland listens to his gut and joins the camera men on the island of safety while Jonaven and I slowly push ahead into the mix.  Armed with a pole in one hand an axe in the other and a rope tying us together we poke and prod our way threw a series of cracks and bergchrunds.

Once on the face we trade off leads making sure only one off us is exposed at a time.  Jonaven finds his high point as I turn the corner and climb a dogleg chute to the summit.  The exposure was off the charts.  It was like we were at a sandwich bar of hazards and checked the “works” box and paid the extra 99 cents to have it super sized.  We were on the edge of our comfort zone but still in it.  The whole time we talked about the possibility of turning back but the higher we got the better we felt.

The weather looked like it was going to screw us again and it was not until I got to the summit that things started opening up for the first time in hours.  It is a hard call to make when the weather is mixed bag.  It takes about 4 hours to get on top of a line and at some point you just have to go and hope the afternoon clearing happens.  This is why you better enjoy the process because many days we put in a full days work and come home empty in terms of getting shots.

Yesterday we got skunked but I think the weather Gods rewarded us for our persistence and opened up the skies and gave us a 10-minute weather window for the line of the trip.  We found powder and it changed everything.  We were able to hit the throttle high on the face and mach threw spines with total control.

The last four days have been hard.  It has been decent weather but we have struggled with high temps, wind and clouds.  Today made up for all that.  It required us to use all our mountain skills to achieve our goal.  We were big mountain riding on a level I have never done before.  We live, breath and touch these lines for hours or even days on end and it results in a high I have never felt before… “

Jeremy JONES

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