Destination: 1 week at Innsbruck to visit the guys at Method Mag.

Yippa !

Destination: 1 week at Innsbruck to visit the guys at Method Mag.

Riders in this news : 

I took the train to get there and got snobbed by a lesbian Austrian girl…too long to explain.
Food: frozen pizza the whole week.
Day : It rains all day, it’s boring in IBK when it rains…
Day 2: Skateboard, allright austrian speaks a strange language BUT they know outto built a skatepark and that makes it up. ) Wouaaaaah!! Almost got an earth attack because it is so perfect to skate!
Evening : I’m in love…with the soccer game in the men restroom.
Day 4: Blue bird in Hintertux, first real session with Fred Egli (Photo Editor) and Alexis de Tarade ( web), we found small spots worth to be shot but we kept on tracking the powder as we are planning to come back the next day;
Day 5: We’re back... With Fred Egli and Thomaz ( Editor in chief), and we have a mission, coming back with at least a pic of the week for Method’s website. Mission accomplished, 1st try and Fred is so glad about the pic. I would like to show it to you but Fred would kill me…sorry!
Back to the flat, I’m trying to cook carbonara, only I have no bacon and only yogurt instead of fresh cream…that will do.
Day 6: Bowling battle is on between Method guy and TTR crew, Method won big time, I’ve tried my best but wasn’t really helpful.
Back to France: Finally in Geneva after 10 hours travel instead of 6, I missed my first train in Innsbruck, then a second one in Zurich and I got kicked off a wagon booked exclusively for women…

Trips are funny but hopefully we’ll be able to teleport ourselves any time soon.

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