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SENSOR 3 - 100mm

Sensor is a patented concept for high performance Racing boots. In SENSOR FIT boots, the shell construction optimizes contact with the metatarsal and heel receptor points for better feel and improved performance. • SENSOR3 = 3 contact points (metatarsals - heel) The SENSOR3 bootboard is narrow, so that the 3 contact points (metatarsals and heel) can be in direct contact with the boot's polycarbonate insert. The insert is very stiff, which increases the responsiveness of the boot. • The anatomical 100 MM INTERNAL LAST gives a close fit for a high performance boot.

Sensor Fit

A technology built from the foot, based on studies on energy transfer which is a key point in skiboots performance. Sensor is a patented concept on high performance racing boots.
All Rossignol Sensor shells mirror basic footbed balance philosophies. The shell design focuses on creating direct contact with the foot's balance receptor points; big toe, little toe, and heel (1st & 5th met-heads, and heel) for unprecedented feel and power.
All Sensor constructions have a common modern toe box, accommodating instep, and strong heel cup. The generous toe box is asymmetrically shaped to fit normal foot shapes for ultimate comfort and warmth. The instep is extremely versatile, fitting many different instep heights, providing an accurate wrapping. All SENSOR FIT constructions have the same common attributes throughout all the widths; 97 mm, 100mm, 102mm and 104mm.

Flex - Sensor Matrix

All these constructions come in a range of flexes from 130 to 60. This makes it easy for the skier to select the correct flex for their ability regardless of their foot shape. Measure the skiers foot, then pick the appropriate width and flex to provide the skier with the perfect performing boot. Simply choose your fit, choose your flex.


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