Fourcade the boss, Leguellec first World Cup Win


Fourcade the boss, Leguellec first World Cup Win

Riders in this news :  Jean-Philippe LEGUELLEC  ; Martin FOURCADE


What a week inOestersund for the Team Rossignol! Wednesday, during the Individual 20km, Martin Fourcade won the 15th victory of his career. He showed to his opponents that his bad result in Cross Country World Cup was a far memory and that he was always the boss. “I’m really happy to begin the season by a victory and to preserve my yellow bib!

The story wasn’t so good for Martin on Saturday, 10th of the sprint because of the wind and a 7/10 on the shooting. The Team Rossignol could look to Jean-Philippe Leguellec! The Canadian realized a 10/10 on shooting and won his first career victory in World Cup. His previous best ever result was a sixth place finish in the 2010 Vancouver Olympic sprint.

I am surprised; it was a great ski day. But there are still a lot more people to finish, before I can celebrate…I felt a lot better today than in the 20K; I was still jet-lagged and felt atrocious. I was just trying to stay focused on skiing and stay relaxed. In shooting, there was window of opportunity on a tough day and took advantage…Until the last split, the coaches just kept saying that I was doing good. So I was a bit surprised when they told me found out on the last lap that I was first.

On Sunday, Martin Fourcade returned to the top of the podium as he won the men’s 12.5km pursuit, with only one penalty. He ended the race with a victorious sprint against Andreas Birnbacher. The Russian Anton Shipulin finished third.

 “I really like this situation: one-against-one. It was a really hard battle…Today I was really exhausted in the final loop. But I really wanted to win and was able to get ahead at the finish. I have always been in the top 10 here in every competition and won four times. I think maybe I should buy a house!”, laughed Martin Fourcade after his race.

Next stage will take place in Hochfilzen (Austria). 

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