It's time for World championships!


It's time for World championships!

Riders in this news :  Marie DORIN-HABERT  ; Marie-Laure BRUNET  ; Martin FOURCADE



On Thursday, the World championships of biathlon begin to Ruhpolding in Germany with the mixed relay. Until March 11th, the best biathletes of the world are going to be in confrontation. Here is the composition of Team Rossignol and the schedule.

Team Rossignol

Florian Graf (GER), Marie-Laure Brunet (FRA), Marie Dorin (FRA), Sophie Boilley (FRA), Marine Bolliet (FRA), Martin Fourcade (FRA), Jean-Guillaume Beatrix (FRA), Rene-Laur Vuillermoz (ITA), Lukas Hofer (ITA), Dorothea Wierer (ITA), Jay Hakkinen (USA), Tim Burke (USA), Annelies Cook (USA), Sara Studebaker (USA), Simon Hallenbarter (SUI), Christian Stebler (SUI), Elisa Gasparin (SUI), Selina Gasparin (SUI), Carl-Johan Bergman (SWE), Anna-Karin Stroemstedt (SWE), Jean-Philippe Leguellec (CAN), Yolaine Oddou (CAN), Michal Slesingr (CZE), Zdenek Vitek (CZE), Serguei Sednev (UKR), Artem Pryma (UKR)


01-03-2012 : Mixed Relay 2x6 km W + 2x7,5 km M (15:30)
02-03-2012 : Off
03-03-2012 : Sprint 10 km M (12:30) and Sprint 7,5 km W (15:30)
04-03-2012 : Pursuit 12,5 km M (13:15) and Pursuit 10 km W (16:00)
05-03-2012 : Off
06-03-2012 : Individual 20 km M (15:15)
07-03-2012 : Individual 15 km W (15:15) 
08-03-2012 : Off
09-03-2012 : Relay 4x7,5 km M (15:15)
10-03-2012 : Relay 4x6 km W (15:15)
11-03-2012 : Mass Start 15 km M (13:30) et Mass Start 12,5 km W (16:00)


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