New update from Ola Reidar


New update from Ola Reidar

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its been a while since I post my last update, so here is a new one.

I got 14 days in Switzerland in january which has been great! I got 1 week in Andermatt, and the next week in St Moritz. I hooked up with some good norwegian friends (Helge Berg Enitch + more) and a german Marc Hartinger. We shreded some deep deep amazing pulver Schnee. I got no video clips from there, we actually forgot to set the camera on rec. But sometimes its better to have the good memories printed in the brain, than in a video. Skiing, and having a great time with good friends I feel more important. When the snow is that good you just want ski all day long until your legs and body says stop.
We took some pictures with German photografers, Peter Lintner and Michael Neumann and we got some good shots, but it was hard to find untracked lines.

Here in Sogndal the snow has`nt been that good. The weather are changing all the time, and messing with the snow, but skiing is allways fun. We made us some gun-runs in the local skiresort. Here is a little slowmotion videolink from the resort with me and Ivar Løvik, hope the link works

Me and Helge Berg Enitch made this vidoclip for some weeks ago. Its a old gun-run in Hemsedal, its so fun!! 


Gofa-Runnet i Hemsedal from Fjelltelegrafen on Vimeo.

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