Trailer: Hame Productions


Trailer: Hame Productions

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Aleksi Laitinen and friends are the men of “Hame productions”. Aleksi tell us more on this "made in" Finland production:
“The story behind Hame productions basically started way back in 2004 when a group of skiers and snowboarders from neighbourhood of Rajamäki started to film their acts on and off snow. In the beginning it was called Jib Films and everyone who had some kind of special talent were part of it. Main guys behind the flick were brothers Jahnukainen who showed their talent in front and behind the camera. After one year one blonde skinny boy bought a camera of his own with no purpose. He had no other ideas on filming at first sight but then everyone realized he really had some serious talent in filming. He was called Pyry Virkkula and he has now run his own productions studio since 2007. Most of the guys who grew up with Jib Films ended up doing something else after first years and they have chosen different way to express themselves.

That brought the idea to found Hame productions. Same idea, ethics and the same dignity as Jib Films but now getting more professional with Hame productions which includes only three guys from the original crew: Kalle Leinonen, Pyry Virkkula and me (Aleksi Laitinen). For addition many young up-and-coming freeskiers are now part of the crew. Likes of Johannes Rinne, Szczepan Karpiel and Bine Zalohar just to name a few. Pyry is now working on the second film and he knows what to expect after Rosvosektori which was a success. “

Stay tuned for the videoblog updates for season 09-10 on the website
“+358” Premiere in Helsinki on 30th of October @ Café Mascot (Fin) and exclusive download on   in the beginning of November!

But for the moment you can check out the new trailer !!!

+358 Finnish Ski Movie trailer from Pyry Virkkula on Vimeo.

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