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This warm, breathable, anti-odor long-sleeved Rossignol 1907 sweater is made from a combination of polyester and merino wool.

Natural merino fibers help to regulate body temperature, providing warmth when it is cold and coolness when it is hot. They also eliminate bad odors and provide softness and comfort.
Synthetic polyester fibers improve breathability and moisture transfer, so you remain dry while exercising.
Loop pile interior and thicker tee for increased warmth.
Zipped collar and zipped sleeve pocket.
Logo on the chest and contrasting bronze zippers on white material give it a slight vintage style.


Reference RL3WL16
Size Available XS, S, M, L, XL
Weave Jersey
Weight 260gr/m2
Shell 50% merino wool - 50% polyester
LINING Loops inside
Other Features
Collar 1/2 zip

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