Xavier DE LE RUE in AK : 1st day riding !

Xavier DE LE RUE
Apr 20, 2009

Xavier DE LE RUE in AK : 1st day riding !

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" After almost a week of sitting around in the room, we woke up yesterday with the greatest sunshine. Finally got up there and discovered that amazing terrain. Definitely perfect for what we're looking for.
It's been a long day out there with only 5 lines, mostly not really huge but some really cool actions. It's been kind of slower than usually with a completely new crew, and three riders (Johan Olofson, Kevin Jones and myself) with three different ways of seeing the terrain.
Usa guides have definitely a different way of working meaning that you have to gain their respect before you can be really feel their confidence in you. That's something that's really hard for me but I guess I have to adapt myself and it can only go better.

Alaska has been showing its true wild and nasty side with first of all the death of a french skier that got sluffed down into some cliffs. There's been two other accident but fortunately not deadly, and two really big avalanches.
It's hard to feel really free after all that but the good thing is that we take our time, and get slowly things done. AK is definitely a great but hard experience with as much intensity on a good day as you can have unintensity on all these down days. It's definitely a rhythm that you need to catch and get used to but it's totally worth it. It's really milky today so I don't really know if we're gonna fly. I guess we'll wait for it to get better... "

Xavier DE LE RUE

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