Jeremy JONES: AK - DEEPER: Mt McConkey !

May 18, 2009

Jeremy JONES: AK - DEEPER: Mt McConkey !

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“ I have never been one to name first descents but now that I am hiking and riding these unnamed and unclimbed peaks I have started to name the special ones.  Since Shane’s death I have been looking for one for him.  We moved camp to a new zone that is a series of 6 peaks that range from mellow to mega gnar with easy access.  This zone is the perfect spot I have seen for plane access riding and it is only twenty minutes from town. The biggest and baddest peak I decided to name after Shane.

The world new Shane McConkey as a world-class skier and BASE jumper but our friendship had nothing to do with that.  It was based around family and friends. What he did in the mountains was impressive but his greatest achievement was his love and support he provided for his family and friends.

There is a lot I would like to thank Shane for:

Thank you for going out of the way to be friends with my kids.

Thank you for all the times I was away and you stood in as a part time dad to my kids. 

Thank you for developing rocker, which led to my biggest design advancement, I have ever felt on a snowboard.

Thank you for showing us that the impossible was possible and doing it with humility. 

Thank you for never taking life to seriously and always going out of your way to make us laugh.

Shane learned how to fly and there was no taking it away from him.  It was part of who he was and it made him tick.  He was in the right head-space, well trained and would turn down a jump with ease.  As Doug Coombs, Craig Kelley or Trevor Peterson have taught us in the past, no one is above the law when it comes to pushing it in the mountains.

The loss is hard on us all but what saddens me the most is the lose our kids will have not having you around.  Shane will be remembered by his family and friends and judging by the ski racks at the local resorts, freeride comps, and heli pads around the world, he will be remembered by the skis and snowboards on our feet… “

Jeremy JONES

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