Xavier DE LE RUE in AK: First blue bird day today !

Xavier DE LE RUE
Apr 17, 2009

Xavier DE LE RUE in AK: First blue bird day today !

Riders in this news :  Xavier DE LE RUE

“A week went by since we arrived and the weather has been foggy, cloudy and snowy until now.
It seems like there is a long sunny window ahead of us and it’s quite a good thing after the bad news we got on our second day. Few crews been using helicopters and it appears that every single face slid on any given exposure or inclination. The layer is not as stable as we heard it was and we will have to take it really carefully and we’ll test the layer with precautious knowing this will not be the last sunny day of the trip. Johan is arriving today...

We are all super pumped up and ready to go... Filming in AK requires a lot of patience…but it seems like it is worthy…”


Xavier DE LE RUE

Pics by Tero REPO

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