Because everything starts with the foot, the ALLTRACK liner was meticulously designed around it. Every morphological detail is important and requires the appropriate materials. Each area of the foot plays its own role in ski steering control. The OPTISENSOR 3D liner was designed with these imperatives in mind. 1/ SUPPORT ZONE Rigid materials at the rear of the liner provide perfect heel support for guaranteed precision. 2/ WRAPPING ZONE At the instep, the positioning of materials and their design optimizes envelopment for excellent control. Laces, provided in the box, allow wearers to extend lower leg wrap for even better performance. 3/ COMFORT ZONE The ankle bones are a sensitive area, often prone to problems. To ensure absolute comfort, this zone is covered with a flexible material across the entire liner. 4/ MOBILITY ZONE On both sides of the liner, an elasticated section lets the liner rock toward the rear in HIKE position for easier climbing and walking.


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