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Think its time to send a new update.
I have skied some competitions here in Norway. Actually they all went bad for me. Did some stupid falls, and my shoulder popped out, so I could`nt ski the rest of the lines. But is one competition I want to say something about, its Røldal Freeride Challenge. Røldal Freeride Challenge was my first Freeride competition back in 2004, I was 16 years old. It was Per Mundhjeld who I looked up to as a skier who got me to the freeride comp. I was to young to compete, so I had to talk to the head-chief of the comp Bettina Gavoll Hansen. She was very hot, so I didnt find any words to say, so Per talked me in. After a while I got a "yes" from Bettina, and my ski carrier started. I did okey in the comp, almost to the finals. But it was enough to impress some sponsors. And my friend Per won the hole comp. Thats a moment I will remember for the rest of my life, it was a big thing for me. In 2011 it was Freeride World Tour in Røldal, where my good friend Dennis Risvoll won. Røldal Freeride Challenge is the biggest, toughest, scaryest competition in Norway. Only the best skiers in norway come there. And this year it was a blast, but the competition day started with some drama. The helicopter with some safty crew crashed not far away from the comp-face. Me and some other skiers skied down to the crash scene. And it looked very bad, so I prepared my self for the worst scenario, here is dead people. But one after one climbed out from the helicopter by them self. They all survived, it was only a cut in a finger, and a nose bleeding. They where very lucky. And then Røldal Freeride Challenge 2013 started. It was many good lines, but moust of the riders fell. The snow was very slushy, maybe too slushy, so it was meny tomahawks that day. I started almost last, and I went for a big cliff with some scetchy exit and landing, but it was a show for the 2-3000 spectators.
Here is a link for my line in RFC2013:
I have added a picture.
Here is the highlights from RFC 2013:
In august 14, I will get my shoulder fixed, so 2-3 months of training I will be back on ski and shred harder! This winter have been fun!!
Now is the exames at school. That is boring!!
Rossignol rules:)
See yaaa!!
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