Heinz LOHLE in Serbia !


Heinz LOHLE in Serbia !

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Heinz LOHLE was recently in Kopaonik (Serbia) for the WHOOP Festival, held from February 9th to February 11th.

Counting for the 2009 FIS Snowboard Euro Cup, this music and snowboard event has been a real success with a really stoked public watching pros ride! The contest even ended with a really nice freestyle "by night" session!

“Getting back from a trip in Serbia last Friday, seeing these tons of snow back home really impressed me. I couldn’t reach Elias ELHARDT because he was probably on a mission with the Pirates. This made me think that I should take care of his home mountain… After a weekend on one of the best spots, I know now why this kid is so good! Now, I am relaxed enough to fly out for the Arctic Challenge...”

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