Brynild VULIN, Thomas GERIN, Dimitri BIAU, Enzo NILO, and Nate JOHNSTONE at the 2009 INTERCREW in Chamrousse!

Brynild VULIN

Brynild VULIN, Thomas GERIN, Dimitri BIAU, Enzo NILO, and Nate JOHNSTONE at the 2009 INTERCREW in Chamrousse!

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INTERCREW, what is it?

Not really a comp, not really a photo shoot…It’s more a excuse found by Brynild VULIN and Bruno RIVOIRE to get the chance to build up a creative park in Chamrousse (France) and invite the european scene to come have fun with them. A good excuse to enjoy spring, throw some sausages on the BBQ, ride at sunset and party hard!

Few riders from Rossignol made it to the comp for its sixth edition, battling out in different crew, riding for different magazine or website.

Brynild VULIN (Atmo Crew) doubled up his muscle density after couple weeks of hard shovelling to offer the best park possible…
Thomas GERIN (Moon Crew) got 2nd position during the best session under his belt and 200 euros into his pocket with sick rail slaying: switch nose press on the whole length of the box, switch back lip first try and nollie back tail sex change on the down rail!
Dimitri BIAU ( Crew) nailed back lip pretzel on the down rail and received 5 euros for it… YEAHHHHH!!!
Enzo NILO (Method Crew) , our still not shaving 15 years old rookie got himself noticed with smooth Switch Bs 900 and handplant on the wall!
Nate JOHNSTONE (Australia – Method Crew) represented all day long before he got stocked down the resort while the sunset session on the park…

The snowpark shaped and thought by Wise Ride and White Widow got well shredded by all the riders, it’s been a trick fest on the walls, pole jam, bowl transfers, kickers and pyramid.
On the result side, organisers were too good and decided to switch place with the “worst” crew, Fluofun team then finished 1st for a strong visual impression and party animation…

Congrats to Brynild VULIN and Bruno RIVOIRE who organised, shredded, shovelled, filmed, and managed this event successfully!

See you next year for another crazy INTERCREW!

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