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Per Fernvik

Per Fernvik

Name :Per Fernvik
Nickname :Perra
Nationality :Sweden
Date of Birth :June 17, 1994
Weight :67kg
Height :175cm
Home resort :Kläppen
SPEAK :Swedish

Vitals & set ups

Riding since: 1998 or 1999
With Rossignol since: 2009
Other sponsors: The North Face
Skis: Scratch 181
Bindings: FKS 180
Favorite resort: Kläppen
Dream resort: Some place with a sick park or sick powder!
Safe trick: Switch cork 540 or cork 720

Favorite music: Hip Hop or reggae
Favorite magazine: Transition
Favorite ski website: or
Favorite non ski website: Don't really know

Season's highlights

Best memorable session:
The first day in Kläppens blackline last year. Me and my friends where so stoked to shred some big jumps and we all learned some new tricks.

Best trip up until now:
Probably the trip to Val Thorens during The North Face Ski Challenge final with my classmate who also had qualified. I ended up winning that competition so it was totally worth it!

Backround in skiing:
I skied for the first time when I was 4 or 5 years old and did some ski trips in Sweden with my family. When I was 8 or something, don't really remember, I tried snowboarding but that wasn't my thing so I started to hit some small jumps with my skis instead. I also skied alpine until I was 12 but after that it was all about the park! After that I tried to ski as much as possible to get better and better. Now I'm studying on a freeski high school and I get to ski 4-5 days with my best friends every week during the winter and study at the same time.


Career Highlights/Contests:
1st at The North Face Ski Challenge and then a bunch of contests in Sweden

Just edits that I've made with my friends

Goals in skiing:
My goals in skiing is to get as good as possible, learn new tricks and to ski all the year on different places around the world. I want to do some big contests but also film as much as I can! Doesn't matter if it's park, street or powder, I'm happy as long as I get to ski.

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