Another best victory for Gasparin, M.Fourcade 3rd


Another best victory for Gasparin, M.Fourcade 3rd

Riders in this news :  Martin FOURCADE  ; Selina GASPARIN

Selina Gasparin won two sprints in a row after her victory in Hochfilzen last week. In Le Grand-Bornand, she earned her second career World Cup podium with a clean-shooting. Kaisa Mäkäräinen finished second and Valj Semerenko was third. The Swiss biathlete from Rossignol Team was happy of her performance.
"I actually am more surprised than last week. The first time can be luck, the second one is more than that; it is cool. Last week, I had to spend a lot of time with the Swiss media; I even had to explain to some of them what biathlon was. That was a bit stressful, but now this week, none of them are here! I will be happy to wear number 1 tomorrow and then go home for Christmas. After that, I will go back to doing the same thing: focus on the race, shoot clean and take one race at a time. I do not look forward too much, because I know how fast it all can change in biathlon." (Quote : Biathlon World)
Martin Fourcade ended third of the Sprint with one penalty: "I am just disappointed about my last bullet. I am just happy to be on the podium at home. The crowd and the atmosphere was very nice. It was so nice that all of the fans helped me on my on the last lap. I will have this in my memory for a long time...It was just wonderful to compete here at home."
On Friday, Simon Schempp was second of the relay with German Team. 

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