Cross-Country: Rossignol placed on the podiums


Cross-Country: Rossignol placed on the podiums

Riders in this news :  Aino Kaisa SAARINEN  ; Alexander LEGKOV  ; Eldar RØNNING

Norway wins the ladies' 4 x5 km relay in Lillehammer with 3 Rossi’s athletes on the podium
1. Norway I (Weng, Johaug, Steira, Bjørgen) 58:38.9
2. Finland (Saarinen, Kylloenen, Niskanen, Lahteenmaki) +1:13.1
3. USA I (Randall, Bjornsen, Stephen, Diggins) +1:36.5
Russia has taken the lead of the men’s 4 x7,5 km relay in Lillehammer with Alexander Legkov, winner of the Tour de Ski 2013. Eldar Roenning and Chris Andre Jespersen with Norway II is second with his team.
1. Russia I (Japarov, Bessmertnykh, Legkov, Vylegzhanin) 1:19:04.7
2. Norway II (Roenning, Jespersen, Roethe, Krogh) +1.6
3. Norway I (Golberg, Toenseth, Sundby, Northug Jr.)
Alexander Legkov (RUS) : It is a great day and great victory for us. This season is the most important and I am happy we showed such a great performance in the relay today. Maxim did a great move towards the end. I hope in Sochi we will perform in the same way.

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