Dorin-Habert, Brunet, Fourcade and Beatrix do the job!


Dorin-Habert, Brunet, Fourcade and Beatrix do the job!

Riders in this news :  Jean-Guillaume BEATRIX  ; Marie DORIN-HABERT  ; Marie-Laure BRUNET  ; Martin FOURCADE


During the last stage of Biathlon Summer Tour, Rossignol’s racers have very good results. Marie Dorin-Habert wins the sprint and the pursuit. Marie-Laure Brunet, 7th in the sprint, takes the 2nd place in the pursuit and grab the overall. Here are some news of her week-end : "Saturday, I finished 7th of the sprint at Arçon. I started with rollerskis a little bit slower than the other girls, but I have some problems with my shinbones... With two mistakes at the shooting I'm irritate, but feelings on skis were pretty good and I taked pleasure. Congratulations to Marie for her victory. On Sunday, I finished 2nd in the pursuit. I catched up 5 places and shot 19/20. I am satisfied with my condition. It was a good day.

About men, Martin Fourcade has won all the runs: sprint, pursuit and overall of Biathlon Summer Tour. Jean-Guillaume Beatrix ends second before his teammate in the final ranking. Congratulations to our athletes before the beginning of the winter.

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