Nordic season's kick-off


Nordic season's kick-off

Riders in this news :  Carl Johan BERGMAN  ; Jean-Guillaume BEATRIX  ; Lowell BAILEY  ; Lukas HOFER  ; Martin FOURCADE  ; Olga ZAYTSEVA  ; Teodor PETERSON  ; Tim BURKE

Before the start of the new Biathlon and Cross-Country World Cup season, check out the main goals of our Rosssignol’s athletes.  They definitely are looking forward to next season and especially the Olympic Games in Sochi!

Martin Fourcade (FRA): « The next season will be very important for me. I will participate to my second Olympic Games and I want to grab the gold medal. I will have 6 races to reach this goal. In order to succeed, I would like to begin well my World Cup season and arrive in confidence in Sochi.”
Tim Burke (USA): “Like all winter athletes, I am definitely looking forward to next season and of course the Olympics.  My number one priority for next season is to be at my best for the Sochi Games.  I know that if I am at my best, I will have a shot at an Olympic medal and that is my ultimate goal.  Of course I am also looking forward to the rest of the World Cup season as well, and I would like to go for another top 10 finish in the Overall World Cup.“
Olga Zaitseva (RUS): “My goals for this season are very high. With my super skis Rossignol, I would like to be the best athlete. And I want to have better results better than last season. I would like also to catch some gold medals at the Olympic Games.”
Jean-Guillaume Béatrix (FRA): “I would like to claim my first podium in World Cup and especially in Le Grand-Bornand. Reach the Top 10 in the WC Overall is also a goal. And for the Olympic Games, I expect two medals, one during the relay and one in individual.”
Carl Johan Bergman (SWE): "The season 2013-2014 is a special one. The Olympic Games in Sochi are the big event! I go to Russia to come back home with an individual medal."
Lowell Bailey (USA): “My goals are to grab an Olympic and a World Cup podium and be part of the Top 15 in the WC Overall.”
Lucas Hofer (ITA): “The two main goals are for sure the Olympic Games in Sochi and to fight again for the first positions.”

Eldar Rønning (NOR): “My goal for next season is to win an Olympic gold medal!”
Øystein Pettersen (NOR): “My goal for this season is to give my best during every races where I will participate. I want to be able to defend my team gold medal from Vancouver, and I want to inspire others to dream big and achieve their goals!”
Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen (NOR): “I would like to catch one individual medal in Olympic Games Sochi and a gold medal during the National Championship.”
Teodor Petersen (SWE): “My goals for next year will be the crystal globe of the sprint in World Cup and of course the Olympics in Sochi.” 
Ida Ingemarsdotter (SWE): “My goal is the Olympic Games. I want to be in good shape in order to fight for medals. And I hope to do a good season in the World Cup and fight for victories in sprint races.”

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