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Name :Michal LIGOCKI
Nickname :Brelok
Nationality :Polish
Date of Birth :31/10/85
Home resort :Szczyrk, Poland

Vitals & set ups

Facebook/Twitter/Blog/Website: www.michalligocki.pl / www.brelok.ownlog.com
Riding since:
With Rossignol since:
Other sponsors:
Quiksilver, Oakley, Vestal
Boards: Decoy, Retox
Bindings: Cuda
Stance: 58cm
Regular / Goofy: Regular
Favorite resort: Cardrona NZ, Livignio, Tahoe area
Dream resort: My own resort
Safe trick: FS3
Current best trick: Double Backflip
Next best trick: Doubles

Favorite music: Rap
Favorite magazine: HIGH
Favorite non snowboard website: Youtube

Season's highlights:
1st place FIS World Cup, Valmalenco HP
Vancouver Olympic Games

Best memorable session:
Fresh pow at “Pilsko” (Poland) with my friend Marek Doniec. We were waking up early morning, and shredding the woods till sunset. No other people, no stress, just two of us and nature, so much fun!

Best trip up until now:
GAP camp 2001, with my cousin Paulina and friend of Us Wojtek Malysz, We were very low budget so we decided to stay in the tent on the camp. It was one week of survival technics, we were fishing in the river, cooking on the campfire, with wet clothes all the time, having a shower every third day at swimming pool, and of course snowboarding all days long. I have great memories from that trip.

Backround in snowboarding:
When I was 13 skiing became too boring for me, speed wasn't enough, I wanted to jump, ride pow, and make tricks. One day my brother Mateusz get a board from his friend few months later he got his first board sponsor, and I could take his board and try.
I loved it from the first day, and it went quite well for me, two years later I get into Polish National Snowboard Team, and I had great opportunity to ride a lot in many different places in Europe. Since then not much has changed, I'm still in the Polish national team (I took part in two Olympics). Snowboarding around the world, and I still love it. part:


Contests: A few first places and beating some big names.

Awards: Sports hall in My town Cieszyn was named after my participation to Olympic game. "Cieszyn's Olimpians Sport hall"

“At EQUILIBRIUM” by Blicksinfreie, documentary movie about snowboarding in beautiful Bulgaria.

Other: Having holidays since 1998 :)

Goals in snowboarding:
I would love to learn double cork in the Pipe and Kicker, hopefully I will find good and safe conditions for that.
I'm still going to take part in some Half-pipe contests ( European open, FIS world championships, Universiade etc), But I would like to ride more kickers and backcountry this season, and of course filming and shooting it! Maybe I will go to make another Snowboard documentary movie with Rene Eckert this time in Iran, It should be something totally different, and I’m very concerned how it is there



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