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Our 5 tips on how to choose the right ski pole

Our 5 tips on how to choose the right ski pole Rossignol

Slopes, racing, hiking or Snow Park, each have their own type of ski pole! Your Poles will allow you to climb or make turns while maintaining stability. Choose a ski pole according to your size and type of ride in order to fully enjoy your day of skiing.

1) Choose poles according to your size

Choosing the right size of ski pole is fundamental. This will help you have a good position on your skis.
To choose the right size, simply follow the method below.

If you already have a ski pole:
1.    Hold the pole upside down by placing your hand under the basket.
2.    Put the stick upright and press the floor.
3.    Keep the top part of your arm close to your body.

The forearms should form a 90° angle or be parallel to the ground.

To be more accurate, make sure you are wearing your ski boots.

2) The importance of the materials

Aluminium is solid but might be a bit heavier. Different grades of aluminium exist in order to provide different qualities of tubes:

Fiber is lighter and offers a thinner pole.

A composite tube is very resistant, very light and well balanced.

3) Choose a comfortable grip

The grips that will bring you the best comfort are the ones adapted to your hand. Choose one that provides the best comfort in hand. Flexible material provides a good grip and helps shock absorption.

Don’t forget the specific grips such as the women or junior grip.

4) Choose a basket adapted to your ride

Located at the end of the pole, the basket prevents the pole from sinking into the snow.

A small basket will be more suited for the slopes and race. A larger basket is more suitable for freeride in deep snow.

Some poles come with interchangeable baskets or additional baskets can be purchased separately.

5) Choose your strap

Most poles use a flexible nylon wrist strap. The main difference between straps depends on the material and width. A wider strap will be more comfortable.

Tip : When trying on wrist straps in a store, wear ski gloves to ensure they’ll be easy on/off when you’re on the mountain.

Therefore, in order to find the perfect fit, make sure to adapt the size, basket and handle to your practice.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to come and see us in our shops.