News from Ola Reidar Nyrnes


News from Ola Reidar Nyrnes

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Me and my friend Helge came down here for 2 weeks ago. In the beginning it was raining here in Hochfûgen, so we had to rethink where to stay. So I called some friends who where staying in Chamonix, and they said it was the same condition there, and it seems to be like that all over the Alps. So we agreed to stay here in Hochfûgen, and I am glad we did so. It came out to be quite amazing here. The snow was dumping in the night, and the sun came up in the day. The first days was a little bit scetchy, we trigged avalanches, so we didnt ski the big lines, safty first! But after a while the snow become stabil. Me and Helge had some amazing big mountain skiing, and powder turns. This place is a freerider mecca for sure. We had the first week our self, and then more and more good friends from Norway/Sogndal came.  
I actually dislocated my shoulder in a stupid fall. I was skiing a travers and had my alpineshoes loose, and little too much speed in a left turn and poped off a colouir, it was not that high, but it was enough. I have dislocated my shoulder meny times, so 1,5 day of recovery and I was skiing again, am starting to get used to it;) 
In about two days we are sadly travelling home to Norway, the money is ended and school is calling, but I hope to come back later. I will ski some freeride comps in Norway, but which comps I will choose am not sure yet. 
I have to say, I just love the Rossignol Squads, they are perfect for me!
I have added some pictures. Its snapshots from gopro, but its okey. 
An video edit will come later, I had some problems with the gopro, the micro SD card got fucked, so the best lines is not there, but I have something. Maybe gopro edits is starting to get a little bit boring, everyone is doing it, but I like it:)
Best Regards Ola Reidar. 
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