News update from Team rider Herman Fjøss/ Norway


News update from Team rider Herman Fjøss/ Norway

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A little update from me about what hapent at the end of the season.
I went to a event named Mega Park in Hafjell. The event is all about having fun and an ride the sick park. The also have a video/edit competition. Is is the biggest event of the year in Norway, an also the biggest edit comp i Norway. I went up there with my crew Dedicated Pictures, and we managed to win the hole competition!!! stoked abot that!
The jury was locking at the overall preformens and the edit that made the Mega Park event look the most fun. 
Her is the edit:

the MEGA (by Dedicated Pictures) - FriFlyt MegaPark edit contest entry from Dedicated Pictures on Vimeo.

I also filmd with a crew named Zuppen. That edit also turnd out to be a good one:
After that i went back to Oslo, to film in my local resort Varingskollen, and the later went back to Hafjell to get the last days of the season up there. I made a edit from the trip, but im not sure if i allready sent the edit to you, so im sendig it now:

And i`m soon going to make a season edit! I will send it too you when is done ;)

i also attached a photo i captured at the Megapark event.

Best regards
Herman Fjoess
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