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It has been months ago since I did my last update, am sory about that!

This summer I did alot of working at my uncles farm, I have been there the last summers. I worked as a glacier guide to the Norwegian highest mountain Galdhøpiggen before, but know I work at the farm. I do some guiding in weekends. I like working on farm, because I can work as my own boss, and the days is never the same, you do everything, working with tractor on the fields, carpentry, sometimes an mechanic, I like it alot. The money I make is for the winter to come. I have been at some Downhill biking festivals. I was at HillBilly Høkkfest, that was crazy. The worlds best bikers was there to give us an hell of a show, and the party? I cant say more, it was crazy. Here is a video from the festival: watch it an get stoked! One of my best friends has his own biking festival. Its called Ponderosa Downhill, I went there to, but I have no videos from there, it was a blast. The summer has been good!

I did my shoulder surgery 12 of august, because I dislocate the shoulder so meny times in some years now, and I got tired of it, so I went to surgery. They did a good job. Some of my biceps muscle was ript of, and some other stuff they tited up, they did also an anchor in my shoulder, so it should not dislocate again. This fall has been very borig, I cant really do enything right know, am waiting for shoulder to get better, and progress has been good, I will get ready for the winter, and my physioterapiest is very positiv for my progress. I cant wait to ski again, do a tomahawk and get back to skiing again without thinking about my shoulder. And I will get to the gym and get strong as a bear, so I can do some big lines and cliffs. Am so ready for the winter to come!

What is new, thats I got a knew clothing sponsor, its Flylow, am quite excited for that. 

Plans for the winter is not set yet, it will be some weeks in the Alps, but where, we dont know yet, but alot of skiing it will be!! I will come back with more plans soon. Am looking forward to get back on Rossignol skis again, an play in the mountains for a new year, am very happy!! Here is some pictures for my summer: 


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