My only goal? "Come back on my best level as soon as possible!"


My only goal? "Come back on my best level as soon as possible!"

Riders in this news :  Benoit VALENTIN

102 days before the beginning of Olympics Games, you are back on your skis after your injury this last winter. Could we talk about this moment?
Yes, Finally! I'm back on ski now after 7 month of rehabilitation. After I injured myself, I just thought about one thing: Coming back on skis as soon as possible and coming back the better way I can. So i did everything I had to do for it and now it's going pretty good. For sure, there is still a lot of work to come back on my best level.
Recently you put on your freestyle skis, how do feel on it? Did you do some pipe runs?
I didn't do much pipe. Just some straight airs that's it. I was more focused about having my feelings back on skis, turns, switch etc.. I just jumped again on kicker 2 weeks ago and I'm still taking it easy. I don't want to go too fast. I just want to do everything as i feel it.
What are your goals for this season? Especially at the Olympics Games?
My only goal for now, it's to come back on my best level as soon as i can without any other injuries. For the rest, it will come when my ski will be good again.
You were present at the presentation of the French Olympic team few days ago. Could you tell us more about this special day?It was a good day, lots of people, lots of media and a lot of athletes! It's the occasion to see everyone we are not used to see during winter and to talk about what's going to happen this winter. For the details of the day, it was just the French country introducing the Olympic Athlete to the media. And then the media could get interview about everyone the wanted. 
What do you think about this team? What are our chances of winning medals?
This year, I think the entire French team is strong! There is a lot of people who can get a medal. After, this is Olympics games; it's a one day race, no one can now what's going to happen.
What do you think about Jason Lamy Chapuis as the flag bearer for 2014?
I think it's great! I like this guy and I think this is the perfect one to be our "captain"! 
You will go back for few months in USA, how is it going for you out there? (Accommodations, trainings, events…)
I'm not traveling alone. I'm traveling with my team: the Freeski Project with Kevin, Xavier and Thomas. We have an awesome staff crew with a coach, physio, ski tech and physical trainer. So we are just traveling all together everywhere and having fun! It will be training a lot and competing a lot too. It's going to be 2 hard month but i can't wait to go!
Obviously, what do you think about the cancellations at X games events in Europe and especially Tignes?
I think it's sad. I loved to compete in France. It was our chance to shine.But, it's done and there is nothing we can do so I'm just focused about all the other competition! Too bad is there is no more X Games but there is still other race and we'll just have to beat the other in Aspen.

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